Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Weekend

On Saturday morning we got up early and headed out of town for the day. First stop - Lyons Hiway Cafe and breakfast with Janell & Randy. Our golfing buddies, Donna & Denny were with us. We had a nice visit and, as always, ran into some people we know. (Myrna, Rosemary Kai is now a waitress at the cafe.) Next stop the Lyons cemetery to remember and honor family members. Mom, Dad, Bob, James Lee, Grandparents, Milton, and Jerry's Aunt Betty. Then on to the Oakland Cemetery. Jerry's Mom & Dad, Mabel and Axel, Carol Ann, Jerry's Grandparents and Uncle Verle. Upon leaving the cafe I mentioned that we didn't see Jim Kroger at the cafe. It seems like we always run into him there. The first stop at the Lyons cemetery, there was Jim and his son Eric. Will & Marie are buried close to the Gatewoods. It has been a long time since we visited the cemeteries on Memorial weekend. We have visited either the week before or on Friday evening. It is really more touching to see all the flags and flowers that the legion and auxilary have so faithfully put up early Saturday morning. There was a grave being made ready for the funeral of Dale Newill scheduled for Saturday afternoon.

After our memorial visits, we were on our way to Ashland to play a practice round of golf. Donna and I will be playing there the 18th & 19th. As usual whenever we get out of Norfolk, we have to allow some shopping time. We had a couple of hours to spend at Nebraka Crossings factory outlets just outside of Gretna. There aren't a lot of stores there any more, but did manage to pick up a couple of things I really didn't need, but bought anyway. On to Ashland. Although it was rainy and drizzly when we left Norfolk, the skies kept getting clearer and clearer as we drove. By the time we teed off it was partly cloudy. It was one of those days that you practically wear out a sweatshirt putting it on and taking it off. When the sun was out it was perfect t-shirt weather. When the clouds would go over it was perfect sweatshirt weather. We then decided to find our motel that has a Greewood address. Greenwood is a very small town and we couldn't believe it would have any type of motel. It didn't. We ended up driving about 20 extra miles to find the motel that was just off the interstate at the Ashland exit. Couldn't believe the truck driver didn't know this. I am glad we found it and Donna & I didn't have to go hunting for it after we played.
We decided to eat supper in West Point on the way home. Our first choice was the Legion Club. Driving by we saw that they were having Artie Schmidt band and there wasn't even a place to park within 3 blocks of the place. Bernard's, a bar/grill type place where we sometimes stop, was closed. Our third option was JD's. This is where we ended up. Just as we pulled into a parking spot, a 31 county car pulled in the spot facing us. Someone else that we didn't see at the Lyons Cafe had driven to West Point for supper. Cheryl & Doyle Huffman and another couple that I didn't know. It was a very long but enjoyable day.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Busy weekend

There just aren't enough hours on the weekends. I have sooooooo much to do inside and out that I cannot seem to make a dent in the list. Of course I do have to get my 18 holes in on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday I finished washing the 15 windows on my sun porch. I got all my winter sweaters out, washed them and hung them out in the wind to dry. On Sunday, after chruch and brunch, I worked on moving out the "stuff" that is stored on the porch for the winter. Although God rested on the seventh day, I can't seem to find time. Sunday is also the day to grocery shop and mow the lawn. Last night I finished cleaning the sunporch and got the remaining houseplants moved out there. It looked so inviting to just sit out there and watch the birds and squirrels. We put out a new bird feeder that we thought the squirrels would not be able to rob. The first one to the feeder was a squirrel. He got on top of it and tried to reach the feed, but the trays were too small for him to get into. It wasn't long before there were some birds there. We also have a finch feeder out, but the finches must have felt the new feeder was easier to access because there were a few feeding along with the regular sparrows and other birds.
The baby geese were all alive and well when we went to play. Both families seem to stay close together but grouped as families. I had a ball fall about 10 feet from the family and papa hissed at me when I went to get it. Usually they will just walk away from the humans, but the babies were kind of napping so papa was a little more aggressive.
Now to tackle the rest of the house that has been neglected while the window washing project was in progress.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Update to the geese population. Two batches have hatched - 4 & 6. There are 10 baby geese to
worry about hitting with a golf ball. There are several adult geese around the ponds also.
It is fun to watch the gander defend his family. He doesn't let any of the others get too close to his family. They do just walk away when humans come close. I really don't think I would want
him to attach me. One of the nice things about the game of golf is the varity of birds you see.
Some people have put up bluebird houses, so there are a lot of blue birds. Red wing blackbirds are another group. You really don't want to get too close to the blackbird nests. They will attack. (Right Cassie). There are also quail or bobwhite and pheasant. These are more often
heard rather than seen. Killdeer will fake broken wings to lure you away from their nests. Cardinals, blue jays, finches, crows, sparrows, wrens, robins and many more I don't recognize. We have seen snapping turtles making their way around the course. We have seen deer run across the fairways. We spotted 2 in a pasture across the road from the course Friday evening when we left. I even saw a rare jack rabbit last summer. Of course there are the inevitable grophers or ground squirrels digging holes all over the place. There are different types of fish in the ponds. One in particular has an abundance of gold fish. I wish the water were clearer so we could see them better. Someone once said "golf is a good way to spoil a nice walk in the country." If I didn't play golf I would miss out on all the enjoyment of being out in the country.
Janell, you are so lucky.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Speaking of house plants (Myrna's comment), I really have an abundance of them probably between 15 & 20. Last fall when it was time to bring them in from the sunporch, I had to find a place for them . My boss consented to letting me bring them to work. A car showroom is a great place for plants. Although the window faces north, they did real well. I also took some of my outdoor planters to see if I could salvage them. Some did make it, but I guess some plants only have a 1 season lifespan. The oldest plant I have is a Boston fern that is almost 30 years old. Someone gave it to Jerry when he had a hernia repaired when we lived in the Scribner area. I have managed not to kill the large piece lily that our golf friends sent to Mom's funeral. It dominates a corner of my living/dining room and reminds me of her every day. It is time to move them out to the porch again. I did want to get the windows washed (all 15 of them) before the move, but may have to move them and work around them. I have started, but ran out of time. I don't think we have anything special going on this weekend, so hope to get some
more projects finished or at least make a dent in my to-do list.

The saying "If you don't like the weather in Nebraska, wait 5 minutes" applied yesterday.
It was close to 90 at noon, but the weather changed later in the afternoon. I think it was
around 75 at 6:30 when my friends and I got rained out of our golf game. We were about as
far away from the cart sheds as you can get when it started pouring down. Brrr. As a result,
I got my checkbook balanced and a couple of bills paid. Supposed to be nice again this weekend.
No excuses to put off the outdoor projects.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day

I spent most of the day driving. Kendra is playing with the bell chior in her church. I don't get
to go to very many of their activities so I went to hear her. She did real well, didn't miss a note.
Southwood Lutheran Church has a very large membership, around 2000, which necessitated
building a new church. Another excuse to drive the 200+ miles, Cindy wanted to show me around so I arrived early. We almost missed the bells as they were playing just before the
service. After church, Tammie and Randy met us at Ruby Tuesday's for lunch. I had a great
day and it was worth the 5 hrs spent driving.
On Saturday, I was determined to get my new rose bushes planted before they died in the pots.
I started last weekend getting all the grass pulled out and the rock picked up. We put up a new
metal fence which replaced the plastic one that was really getting tacky looking. One white rose
bush went in each corner and we put the white rock back around them. It really looks nice, even if I do say so. I am thinking of adding some red miniature roses in between the white ones.
I started around 9 am and finished around 1. I still have more planting and potting to do but the
windmill flower bed was my priority this year. Since I only have the computer at work, I can't
send you a picture, so you will have to stop buy to see the results.
I hope all you mothers, grandmothers, Great Grandmothers, stepmoms, and stepgrandmothers
had a wonderful Mother's day.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Rain, boy can it rain. We were lucky, we did get a nice amount of rain without the downpours
and storms.
On Saturday I went to Lincoln with some friends. We went antiqueing and shopping. These
friends got me interested in going to antique shows. I have a few things that I look for but
nothing that is too expensive. I did splurge a little on a silver spoon. It has the image of our
Methodist church in Lyons. We also went to Earl May. I bought a few plants to put in when
it does dry up some. There is a place north of Lincoln called the Plantation. They sell nothing
but geraniums and their own "special" potting soil and fertilizer. Walking into their greenhouse
is a beutiful sight - every shade of red/orange and pink. I bought 1 red one ($15.45). Last year
I bought an orange one. I hated to just toss out such a "special" plant last fall. I took it down
to my work place and kept it alive all winter. It really must have liked it there because it contiuned to grow. It did go a little dormant for awhile, but when spring arrived it perked up.
I took it home and put it in a bigger pot. Now to see if it thrives.
Since Jerry didn't get home until Saturday morning, we decided to head back home and have
supper with him.
On Sunday my plans were changed. Jerry was playing in a golf scramble which included 2
friends from Wayne. I had planned to go to Wayne and play with the wives of these guys.
When it looked like it might rain, we cancelled the Wayne outing. The men did play. Instead of
playing, I worked in my flower bed that I am trying to redo. It finally dried off enough to mow
the lawn so I also managed to work that in before it rained again. Did go to church, hadn't been
for a couple of weeks. Got laundry caught up, watched "Cold Case" and "Without a Trace" and
fell into bed.
Mondays come too soon.


5. Rain

4. Sunshine

3. Friends

2. Family

1. Being able to enjoy 2 thru 5.

Monday, May 7, 2007


Update on the robin saga. I thought we had gotten rid of the nesting on the drain pipe until I
was in the back yard. The birds had found another drain pipe to use as a nesting place. Sorry,
birds, but the nest is just too close to the clothes line. I suppose it will be rebuilt.
Our golf course is the summer home of several geese. I have seen at least one batch of babies.
I think there is another nest so may have more. It is fun to watch how they interact with one
another. They will chase each other away from what I assume is the territory they have claimed.
The gander will sit close by guarding the nesting mama. He will have a turn at sitting on the
nest while mama gets a break. One nest was where we could see it real well. One day the goose
was using her beak to turn the eggs. Instinct is great. These birds don't realize how much danger they are in when the balls are flying in their direction. I don't think any have been
killed by a flying golf ball, but the season is only just begun. There is a local rule at our course/
you get a free drop if you ball lands in goose poop.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Normally I don't see anything unusual on my short drive home. Today at noon there was some
interesting sightings. A new display was being put up in front of the Norfolk Arts Center. I guess
you would call it sculptures. So far there were balls and swirlly things. Don't know what it is
supposed to represent, but then I'm not really up on art.
Then, something really unusual. I go by the back side of the high school on my way home. There were horse trailers by the athletic practice area. I did see one girl riding a horse and some other horses tied to the trailers. Don't know if this is a new course at school, but I wanted to stop and take a ride.