Friday, March 28, 2008


Around 2 pm on Wednesday Donna & I took off for Epply Airfield. Our flight was scheduled for 4 something. Not hitches and the plane actually took off about 10 minutes ahead of schedule. We arrived in Phoenix a little early, but Donna's son Chuck, was on his way to pick us up. Donna's grandaughter, Taylor, was arriving from San Diego at the same time we were so we all arrived in great time. We found a spot to wait and it wasn't too long before they came looking for us. Chuck asked us if we wanted the good news or the bad news. We started with the good - The weather was to be great. The bad - the LPGA tournament wasn't until the following week. We had looked at the 07 schedule. Oh well, guess we will just have to play another day. Also visiting Chuck and Carmine were Carmine's sister, Cara, and her husband, Mike, and their 9-month old son, Christopher. Everyone got along great.
We played golf at three different courses. The first one was ok. The tees, fairways and greens were watered, but the roughs were real dry and hard to hit off.
The second day was right in Scottsdale and around houses. It was real nice. The third day was higher up and had a lot of pretty scenery. Chuck played with us all three days and Mike joined us twice.

Donna called some friends from Norfolk that winter near the course we played on Saturday and the met us after golf for a short visit. Was nice to see them. They also had family for the weekend so didn't have a lot of extra time.

Sunday we went to church and had Easter dinner. Taylor and Cara's family had to leave for the airport around 3. Carmine took them to the airport so Chuck took Donna and I for a drive through the more "rural" part of Arizona. We went through a town called Fountain Head. They have a park with a fountain that goes off every hour, on the hour, and shoots 100 feet in the air. It went off just as we were driving into town. So we didn't have to wait for it to shoot.

Everyone was really tired Sunday night so we all decided to head for bed by 9.

Monday we packed up, said our goodbyes to Chuck as he left for work. Carmine dropped us at the airport on her way to work. Then the fun began.

Our flight was for 12:09. We were there around 10, checked in, wandered around the airport awhile, got a bite to eat and waited for our plane to arrive. Announcement for those waiting for flight 510 to Omaha - Your plane is still in the hangar being worked on. Estimated time 1:30. Ok, we wait. Next announcement - Go to gate 21. From 2B is a long walk. Estimated time 2:30. Great. Next announcement - Go to gate 23. Not far. No plane there. 1:50 announcement - We are waiting for a plane to come in from Burbank at 2:10. Estimated departure time 2:30. Who are you trying to fool? Unload the passengers and luggage and reload in 20 minutes? Not going to happen. Burbank plane was on time, yaaay. We begin loading about 2:45. We are all loaded and ready to go. Announcement - We have to make a few technical adjustment will just be a few minutes. Yah, right. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Sorry folks, one of our flight attendants is timed out, we have to wait for another one. She is in the airport so will be "just a little while". 4 PM, we are leaving the gate. Finally. The flight back was good. We arrived in Omaha about 8:45 which was about 4 hours later than expected. Our luggage also made it with us, SUPRISE. Glad we had cell phones so that Jerry and Denny knew what was going on.
Finding something to eat between Epply Air field and Norfolk at 9 pm is not easy. We ended up at Wendy's in the Truck stop in Fremont. No more bad luck and we only saw one deer on the outskirts of Omaha. Safely home about 11:15. Brush my teeth and go to bed. Unpacking will wait.

Except for the 2 glitches - 1. the LPGA being this weekend instead of last and 2. The plane problems, it was a great vacation. Maybe Donna will invite me again so I can see the professionl women play.

Tuesday, back to work, playing catch up and correcting the mistakes others made trying to do my job. Guess I better get busy teaching them before I decide to retire completely.

Good to be back.


Thursday, March 27, 2008


There were pictures with this, but didn't transfer to my blog. Just close your eyes and imagine the pics.


It happened at the Norfolk Midwest Bank offices which are out by Skyview Lake in

Wednesday, March 19, 2008 8:45 AM Midwest Bank, Norfolk , NE

I was on the phone in the drive thru this morning, and noticed a skunk in the vacant field across from the bank. We all thought it was pretty strange to see a skunk in broad daylight in town…not to mention the funky convulsions it was having while it walked in circles. Nevertheless, it made its way across the street into our parking lot.

There had to be someone we could call!!! The police division could send us in the right direction. Jason hopped on the phone while the 5 women kept a close eye on it. The verdict was in, there's nothing animal control will do if you have a skunk…for the fear of getting sprayed. Just let it be.

Russ Wilcox, Senior Vice President, was not satisfied with that…so he hopped on the phone while I snapped pictures and everyone else watched through the blinds to see where it went.

Russ, after some discussion with police division, was told to "just leave it alone." (we pay you people to give advice such as "leave the skunk alone???") Russ, less than impressed with the recommendation, asked to speak with the Lieutenant…but was disconnected during the transfer and left with no answers!!! He walked (actually more like stomped) into his office and was going to get someone out here to trap it or go home and get his rifle and blow it apart. One or the other. Where was the skunk by this time you ask?.......

Still in the parking lot, circling around, "looking drunk" as Kathy Stoops quoted, and every so often picking up its' right paw and shaking it around. Strange, yes, but still too much for the police department with their extensive training and loaded guns.

So Russ calls the police back and this time, goes straight for the jugular…the CHIEF!!! Welp, chief's not in but a nice lady says to him… "Well, you never said you thought the skunk was sick! We can have someone come out and take a look. We only respond to RABID skunks in the area, not the sweet healthy ones." She must not have understood that skunks usually don't hang out in town in the middle of the day…but we'll cut her some slack.

So to our rescue in less than 5 mintues….Norfolk's finest CSO (community service officer)….we'll call him Jim.

Jim arrives and carefully approaches the sunk with is lasso. At the first attempt, the skunk throws his tail in the air and shows some life!!

Who do these two think they are?!?!? "So, do you think Jim just got sprayed?"…..they were almost standing in Stanton County ….but following the advice of the Norfolk PD…"Just leave it alone…

Jim tried a few times to get a firm grip on the little rascal, but seemed to be struggling. He grabbed a second tool from his bat mobile…I mean truck…and approached again, gaining confidence with every passing moment. This skunk's time was about up…No more drunk adventures to Norfolk at 8:00 AM.

GOT IT!!!! YESSSSS!! Jim saved the day and put that rabid, drunk, convulsing skunk in that cage where it belonged. As he drove off he said… "We'll take it out somewhere and shoot it." Way to take care of business Jim, we owe you one. (And you'll be glad to hear that Jim never did get sprayed….more evidence that this skunk was indeed drunk…I mean sick.)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

signs of spring

Okay, everyone has seen a robin by now. Let's add a few more signs. One thing I notice is the track and tennis teams are practicing when I come home from work. Today I took a walk over my lunch hour and the geese were flying and honking overhead. The daffodils are pushing up. The snow is almost gone and what is left is just dirty piles. People are out walking. Kids are out playing. Baby calves are froliking in the pastures. Last, but not least, Donna & I played nine holes of golf on Tuesday. We had to walk and the course was not officially open. There were only temporary greens so we didn't putt. There was a pair of geese already looking for a nesting place by the pond on #8 even though there was still ice on it.
All right, I know it is supposed to snow tomorrow, but we always have to have a "spring snow" in this part of the country. Let's just call it another sign of spring.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


1. Speedy little town - Rushville
2. Embarassed strato-cumulus - Red Cloud
3. Flowing area - Bloomfield
4. Type of hound - Bassett
5. Shaquille - O'neill
6. 1492 sailor - Columbus
7. An automobile - leg joint - Kearney (pronounced carney for you non Nebraskans)
8. A common question - Wynot
9. Damaged Indian weapon - Broken Bow
10. No frills look - Plainview
11. Brand of overalls - Oshgosh
12. A union between nations - Alliance
13. Legal interment - Fairbury
14. Red hair - Auburn
15. Place to pray - Chappell
16. A tall evergreen (2) Long Pine or Douglas
17. A river of trees (2) Elm Creek or Wood River
18. The best athlete - Champion
19. Horse feed with bees - Hastings
20. Calling for mother while laughing - Omaha

How many did you get?