Thursday, June 19, 2008


Ever notice that Polish (the nationality) and polish (what you put on your shoes) are spelled the same? Just goes to show you that Noah Webster didn't know the difference between S**t and shinola.

Saturday am - Drug all the wet carpet out and sent JD to the dump. Washed all the rugs and towels that were used in clean up + all the other laundry. Mowed, got groceries, golfed and had hot dogs on the grill at Utecht's, and watched the 3rd round of the US open. I hope Tiger hasn't done permanent damage to his leg.

Sunday - got up real early to go to Walnut, Ia with Utechts for their big antique sales. A lot of vendors had packed up and gone home when the weather threatened Saturday afternoon. Got the last little canister and one other piece for my "sun and moon" collection.

This time of year is usually my favorite time of year to go driving. Everything is so lush and green. This year it makes me sad to see all the farm ground that won't be planted this year. A little water in the basement is just an inconvenience compared to what is happening further east.

Norfolk Country Club had their annual ladies open yesterday. I took off early to play. It is usually the one time each year I get to play there. Didn't play too bad, but didn't win any golf prizes. Managed to have the winning number in the 50/50 drawing. I played with a lady that I played with in Hastings and she invited me to be her guest next Wednesday on the "guest day". I accepted so will get to play there again. BTW, Janell, your bosses wife will also be her guest so will get to play with Bev G. again. Looking forward to it.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Change of Plans

Saturday - the usual chores- Laundry, mowing, cleaning, grocery shopping. Jerry was playing in an annual 2-day tournament called the Polish Open. An invitational fun tournament put on by a local golfer. My usual golfing buddies had a family thing in Bloomfield so I was left on my own. It was just work, work, work until time to get ready to go to the dinner that was part of the "Polish." Friends from Carroll were there so had a good time.
Sunday, I had volunteered to help at a tournament at Fairplay. After more rain, around 2 or 3 inches, this tournament was cancelled. Jerry went to play his second day at El Dorado. After I went to church, I decided to do some things that I have been putting off. I went to the basement to get a sponge mop. There was water in the basement. At first I thought the air conditioner had backed up again. NOT. The water was coming up from all the rain. Now, we have never had a problem with rain water, but we have never had this much rain since we have lived in this house. So, as a result, my Sunday was spent vacuuming water. The water just kept coming up through the floor. This is how I did not want to spend my Sunday. I got up at midnight, 3 am, and once more at 6 to go over the areas affected so the water would not get into other areas. When I went home over my lunch hour I went over it again. It seemed to have quit coming in. I hit it again after golf around 9 pm.

Monday- We had a make-up golf night and managed to get it played.

Tuesday- I had an insurance adjuster stop by who informed me ground water and rain water are not covered unless we have a sump pump and tile. Now do I spend the money to install the above items or hope this is a one-time occurrence and just keep vacuuming if it happens again? The grass just keeps growing so time to mow again. Then I borrowed a ladder from our very nice neighbor and crawled up on the roof with the leaf blower and blew out all the *&%# maple seeds out of the gutters.

Wednesday - We got our golf league played without getting rained out. Now we only have one more make-up which is scheduled for June 30.

Thursday- Sun is shining - no rain forecast.

My first project for tomorrow will be to get the damaged carpet out of the basement(didn't like it anyway). Any volunteers to help? I feel my back protesting already.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Small world

Donna & I left Sunday after church and brunch with Denny & Jerry. Our tee time was 1:50. We programmed the Garmin and even though we took our own route as far as Grand Island, it would recalculate and took us right to the golf course. There was a lady from the Norfolk Country Club and another lady that was her friend that were also a twosome so they joined us for our practice round. They were Bev Mc and Bev G.
Both played golf in Oakland and became good friends. Bev G is from Tekamah. I told her my sister lived near Herman and if she (Bev) was into horses she might know her.
She asked who my sister was. When I told her she said "Janell used to babysit my kids when she lived in Tekamah." She also told of picking them up one day and each one had a bucket of snakes. Tell me, Janell, what kind of treat is that to send home with the kids?
More small world. One of the employees of the Nebraska PGA, Monica Novak, spent most of growing up years in Wayne. Her Dad & I went to country school together and Monica always updates me on where they are. She told me they had bought a lot on the lake by Pilger and are going to be Joe's neighbors. They currently live in Omaha and will use the lake house for weekends until they retire in about 3 years.
Ray & Carol (McKinzie) both graduated from Lyons.

I played ok part of the time in the 2-day tournament, but managed to get into enough trouble that I didn't place. Southern Hills golf course is beautiful. I got home Tuesday night in time to mow the lawn that just keeps growing with all the rain we have been having. Yesterday the lawn service came and fertilized so I suppose it will grow even faster. Sunshine today and a couples fun night with pot luck tonight.
Even if we don't play well, the food is always great. Better go make my peanut butter bars.