Friday, April 27, 2007


Is there anything more stubborn than a robin when she decides where to build a nest?
There is one that has decided the best place to nest is on the downspout of our house.
When she and/or he started putting the makings of the nest on the spout, the twigs and
grass just slid off. Somehow the finally got a few to stick and the nest was started. Trying
to discourage them, Jerry knocked the makings down. The birds came back with what looked
like puzzled expressions. "Where did my nest go?" But not to be discouraged they began again.
Jerry again knocked down the twigs. The birds seemed to be giving us dirty looks as we
watched them through the kitchen window. When the truck driver left and I was gone for
the weekend, the nest was completed and 1 egg was laid. Since it had been raining and I
could not reach the nest without a ladder it stayed there until Jerry got home. Again it has
been knocked down. I guess it is time to get out the aluminum foil and find a way to attach it
to the downspout. A couple of years ago a robin tried to build a nest right by our front door
on the motion light. After our efforts to discourage the building, we put some crumpled foil
in the spot. This seems to discourage the birds, but at that time the bird tried to knock down
the foil. Don't think I have anything against robins building nests. Just that with all the trees
in our neighborhood they don't have to make the mess on my house. Besides, the downspout
is right outside my bedroom window and I really don't need an alarm clark at sunrise.

Friday, April 20, 2007


This weekend my bowling buddies and I will be going to Grand Island for the state bowling
tournament. I'm not sure what the priorities are. Maybe the bowling is an excuse to get away
for a weekend. It sure isn't done for the money. By the time you figure in your entry fee, motel,
food, and gas, what you may get back does not even come close to covering it. There are 3 events - doubles, singles and team. They also have an all-events entry. I think the most I ever
got back was around $65.00. I did have my highest ever series ever (597) in Elkhorn several
years ago. I had a split in the 10th frame of the last game so I missed my 600.

Years ago, when we lived in Oakland, I bowled in Lyons. My Aunt Katherine had moved back
from Colorado and enjoyed bowling. She would ride with me the 7 miles to Lyons. She had been
diagnosed with emphesema many years before. She bowled as long as she could take those 3 or
4 steps and roll the ball down the alley. It was one of the last things she gave up. I remember
when she started showing the signs of this illness Grandma G. said that she didn't think
Katherine had long to live. I think it took her about 35 years to die. She must have had a lot
of determination to suffer for that many years. Uncle Roland was her nurse for many years
and did not outlive her by much.
When they lived in Oakland when we were very young, they ran a cafe on mainstreet of that
little town. We loved to go visit them, because they would give us ice cream. Later the first
Dairy Queen was built just a few blocks from their house. We always begged to have a DQ
treat of some kind when we visited. They had the best footlongs. DQ must have changed their
reciepe for chili sauce or my taste has changed because the footlongs just don't seem the same.
I don't remember all the prices, but a small cone was 5 cents. A sundae may have been 15 cents.
Now if we walk accross the park from our house, there is a DQ. When we get the urge to have
a treat we only have to walk about a block for it. I think their 5 cent cones are now close to a
dollar. And their footlongs aren't as good. Progress, hrumph!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


The weekend was great. I played golf Friday evening, Saturday afternoon, Sunday and even took Monday off to go to a NWAGA (Nebraksa Womens Amatur Golf Association) meeting and
golf scramble. We played Hillcrest Golf Course in Lincoln. This Course is 79 years old so you can
imagine the size of the trees. My 4-person team did win the second fllight. For those of you who
do not golf, tournaments are flighted by handicap so second flight is like the B-team. This event
is limited to 2 people from each club so there were only 2 flights. We had a real nice day after the
cold and rainy weather of the past couple of weeks.
On Saturday, Abby had a band contest here in Norfolk so went to listen to her band play. I thought they did real well for Jr Hi. Haven't heard how they placed.
After lunch I went to Mary's book signing. She gave a nice presentation of the process of getting
a book published. It really takes a lot of determination to stick to it with all the rejections.
Then golf.
Sunday - My friend, Donna, and I went to Lincoln and took Tammie and Randy out for Tammie's
birthday dinner. Cindy and the girls joined us. We spent the night with T & R so we didn't have
to get up so early for our golf meeting.

We did not hear of the VT tragedy until after we finished golfing. I cannot imagine the horrer
those students went through while being trapped in a building with a gunman shooting randamly
at anyone in the room. My heart and prayers go out to all those affected.
I do not believe there is a lack of gun control laws. I believe there are too many people willling to
sell guns illigally to persons not qualified to have a gun. The shooter was in our country on a
student VISA and could not have legally purchased a gun. Guns do not kill people. People kill
people. Guns just make it easier. We cannot protect the entire population from maniacs with
guns and knives anymore than we can protect them from drunk drivers or drivers running
red lights and stop signs.

Although violence has been with us since Cain & Abel, the graphics of it that is shown on TV and
in the movies has gone too far. Impressionable young people see these things and think violence
is the way to solve disputes.

There are no simple solutions to the violence in the world. We can only hope and pray and
do our best to protect our loved ones. This is still the place in the world to live. GOD BLESS


Friday, April 13, 2007


"Today" had a segment on laughter. It really is the best medicine. So in that light, I will tell you
one of my favorite jokes.
Jesus and Moses were watching the Master's golf tournament at Augusta. They thought they
would like to play golf. They went to Augusta to play. When they had to cross water to the
next green Moses asked "What club are you going to use." Jesus replied "Arnold Palmer always uses a 7 iron, so I am going to use a 7 iron." He hit the ball and it went into the water. Moses parted the water and retrived the ball. Then suggested that Jesus use a different club. Jesus again said
"Arnold Palmer uses a 7 iron, so I am going to use a 7 iron." He again hit the ball into the water.
Moses sighed, parted the water, retrived the ball and again suggested using a different club.
Jesus again said "Arnold Palmer uses a 7 iron, so I will use a 7 iron. Moses said "If you hit it
in the water again I will not go after it." Jesus hit the ball in the water once again. When Moses
stood by his word and did not part the water, Jesus walked out onto the water to retrive his ball.
About this time the next group of golfers came up behind them. Seeing Jesus walking on the
water one of them remarked. "Who does he think he is, Jesus Christ?" Moses replied "He is
Jesus Christ. He thinks he is Arnold Palmer.?
Ok everybody laugh. And have a good weekend.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Just a little added observation. All the people interviewed in regard to the Imus comment
have been black (oops African-American). Talk about reverse discrimination.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


The top stories on the news this am were - 1 Imus and his sexually, racist slur of the Rutgers
womens basketball team and 2 - The paternity of the 100 million dollare Danielynn. Give me
a break.
There has to be more important things going on in the world. Even the weather is more
interesting than that crap. Have you ever watched a black standup commedian on TV? They
can make all kinds of racist and sexist remarks and it is ok. The music the teens listen to, especially rap, has all kinds of referrals to race, sex, drugs, killing and anything else to shock
the adult world.
As far as Anna Nicole Smith - she was nothing but a drug addicted, gold digging, slut (pardon
my bluntness). We listened for weeks about who was the baby's father and what happened to
her son. Then she died of a "legal drug overdose." Then it has been weeks of waiting to hear
who the father is. Who cares besides those involved.
Another headliner is Sanjaya. I don't even watch "Idol" but I do know he can't sing and has a
new hairdo every week.
Does anybody care that Imus has a ranch so terminally ill children can have a little fun in
what is left of their lives? I'm not defending what he said, I don't even like his program.

Thanks for letting me vent my frustration with the media.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

more sightings

Monday pm - Flags waving at me as I went home from work. Black sports car running a stop sign behind the high school. Driving in the city, I see way too many traffic violations especially stop sign and red light violations.
Tuesday am - Garbage cans standing like sentinals at the end of driveways.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Commuter sightings

I hit all the traffic lights green. Since I only drive about 12 blocks to work there isn't much
to report.

Friday, April 6, 2007


Today is Good Friday. It is sunny but cold the wind is supposed to blow 30 mph before the
day is over. Don't think that is what would be called a good Friday.

Today is also my sister's 66th birthday. I'm sure it being Good Friday will cancel out the 666
Satan curse. April 6th 1941 was Palm Sunday. Two years later I was born on Easter Sunday.
Both of our brothers were born in October and the "little girls" we both born in November.
Our Dad was also born in November. Mom was the only one with a July birthday.
My family all has birthdays October through April. Kendra-October, Joe-November, Cindy
and Jacob-December, Jaydee-January, Abby & Randy - February, Angie and George-March,
Tammie, Jerry & I all in April. Mother and her syblings were all 5 years apart. This was before birth control pills. All of this the oddities of coincidence.

No plans for Easter as we combined Easter with Abby's confirmation last Sunday. Maybe I can
work on my quilt. The good thing is it is too cold to wash windows one of my least favorite things
to do. The bad thing is too cold for golf.