Thursday, May 2, 2013


Since my last post a lot has been accomplished in spite of the bad weather. Floor is down, walls are up and wrapped with Tyvek, shingleing has been started, some windows put in. Still hoping for a July moving day.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Flooring was put down before the rain started. Things will be at a standstill for a few days because of the weather. Rain/snow/wind and everything else is predicted for 3 days. Roof joists (or whatever you call them) can be worked on in Kelby's shop so won't be a complete waste of 3 days. Yesterday it was 72 digrees. Today the temp downtown said 28. Only in Nebraska.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Foundation is poured. Plumbing for basement bathroom was put in so it is ready if we ever decide to finish the basement. The basement floor was poured today and the waterproofing applied to the outside of the basement walls. Dirt was being filled back in around the foundation. Weather permitting, we should see some walls going up next week. We finally got to play a round of golf today. Kind of windy and cool when we started. By the time we finished the wind had gone down and it was feeling pretty nice out.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

New beginning

Have to start a new series of posts to log the building of our new home. After selling our house in Norfolk, we moved into an apartment in Wayne for a few months while our house is being built. Most of our belongings are in storage. The apartment is sufficient, but has not been kept up very well. We were told that it would be cleaned up, but it had not been touched since we looked at it. It bothered Angie so much that she had Joe pull out the fridge so she could clean behind/underneath it. Thank's Angie. Since Kyle was the tallest, she had him clean the ceiling fan. Thanks Kyle. Thanks also to all of those that helped us get moved. I would name them all, but I would probably miss someone and they would feel bad. I spent about 3 hours cleaning the top and outside of the stove. We mentioned to the maintenance man that we could not use the oven the way it was and that the drip treys under the burners could not be cleaned. He took it on himself to clean the oven and get new drip treys. Dick Hitchcock has a trailer so he and Jerry got the golf cart moved to the Wayne Golf Course. Our dues are paid and we are impatiently waiting form nice weather. Yesterday was perfect, but WSC has a 2day tournament. Finally on Thursday the hole was dug for our basement. On Friday the footings were poured. If the weather holds the foundation will be done on Monday and on Thursday the floor will be poured. Framing will start the following Monday.

The rest of the story

Since our vacation was brutaly interrupted by Jerry's hospitalization, there was not more fun. After he was dismissed to a rehab facility, we spent 3 days there trying to get out. The therapist said he really didn't need to be there, but no Dr had seen him and he needed a dr's permission for dismissal. We finally got back to our casitta on Friday afternoon. Packed up on Saturday and took off for home on Sunday. About 30 miles from Tucumcari, NM it started raining/snowing/sleeting. We made it that far and were so thankful for our safety. A huge snow storm had passed through that area closing a lot of main roads. We opted to stay where we were until better road reports. Left Tucumcari on Tuesday and were on track to get home that evening. Not to be. Stopped in Concordia, KS for some to go burgers. More snow/rain, etc. Made it to York and decided to put up there for the night. Finally made it home on Wednesday. So---after the "vacation from hell" we were so very glad to get home.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sun., Mon., Tues

Spending most of the time at the hospital with Jerry. Did take time to explore the new Tangier outlets on Sunday. Should have waited for another day and not the weekend. Monday when I left the hospital I touched Jerry's foot and he didn't scream in pain. So showed some progress. Tuesday with the help of others we got Jerry to the chair for awhile. Then to the bathroom. Still making progress. The bacteria seems to be getting out of his system. Have taken him off morphine. Heiers asked me to supper of burritos, but I ate something before I went over. We had a couple of drinks and played cards with Andersons and Geyers.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


I went to the "Chocolate Affaire" for awhile before going to the hospital. Bought some fudge and kettle corn. Spent the rest of the day sitting with Jerry. We watched The Help on tv. Don't think he was to interested. Kind of hard to watch a movie when you keep getting interupted. Looked up cellulitis on the net when I got home. Treatment is antibiotics so guess he is getting what he needs. Really don't get the personal care that we get in Norfolk. Had to raise a little stink when I found out that they were not giving him his albuteral treatments and his oxygen dropped below 90. They got the message and I had them check all his meds against what he is getting. Guess they got the rest of them ok. They made sure he got at least 2 yesterday and were going to give him one more later.