Sunday, February 10, 2013


I went to the "Chocolate Affaire" for awhile before going to the hospital. Bought some fudge and kettle corn. Spent the rest of the day sitting with Jerry. We watched The Help on tv. Don't think he was to interested. Kind of hard to watch a movie when you keep getting interupted. Looked up cellulitis on the net when I got home. Treatment is antibiotics so guess he is getting what he needs. Really don't get the personal care that we get in Norfolk. Had to raise a little stink when I found out that they were not giving him his albuteral treatments and his oxygen dropped below 90. They got the message and I had them check all his meds against what he is getting. Guess they got the rest of them ok. They made sure he got at least 2 yesterday and were going to give him one more later.

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reginag said...

One of the best days ever.

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