Tuesday, February 28, 2012

last entry

Saturday we played at Willowcreek with Heiers. I shot 103 Jerry 94. Didn't care for the course.
Sunday evening the residents had a chili feed by the pool. Seems to me that 80 degree weather and chili isn't a match. Chili was good though.
Monday we watched some college women golfers for a while at Vistas.
Tuesday we packed up and loaded some stuff into the van so we can be on our way back to the cold country tomorrow. Should be home sometime on Friday.

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Tuesday was laundry day. Wednesday we played in the 9ers outing at The Lakes. We were with Betty and Richard Wasserman. I shot 45 Jerry 48. Don't know who won they will give out the prize money next week. One thing they do is draw a score card for one team to win $20.00. No one volenteered to draw so I said I felt lucky. Gues what---I drew our card so we took home $10.00.
Thursday we went to Casa Grande and played at San Meguel. I shot 52, Jerry shot 42.
Art and Sandy Reinhardt have a place in Casa Grande so he set it up for Andersons, Heiers, Reinhardts and us to play. We ate at The Place afterwards. Casa Grande is about 1 1/2 hours away so we didn't get to go to their house.
Friday we went to the fish fry with Heiers and Andersons. had some really tasty grilled cod. Then played cards at Heiers for awhile.
Not much time left so better go soak up some more sun.

Monday, February 20, 2012


Tuesday we had Heiers and Andersons over to play cards. They didn't like the Quiddler game so we played some other card games.

Wednesday we played in a nine-hole outing at Vistas with the Heiers. I shot 44 Jerry 49. Didn't win anything.

Thursday was laundry day.

Friday we played at Great Eagle in Surprise. A Texan named Randy was put with us for the first nine, but quit after that. He was a real dork. I shot 92, Jerry 94.

Saturday was the Wickenburg parade. Afternoon we went to the Nebraska tailgate party and the baseball game with Gonzaga. Sunday afternoon we went to the third game of the series. NU lost both games in the 9th inning. They also lost the Friday night game. After the game we had drinks and snacks at Heiers and played cards with them and Andersons.

Monday I had to call the cable company to reset my modem to get online. Now I know how to do it. Just hope it doesn't happen again. Nothing special planned today. Just need to get a few groceries.

Monday, February 13, 2012

3rd installment

Friday we didn't do much of anything.

Saturday we went bargain shopping. Antigua sportswear has a factory near here and 2 discount stores. Then we went to Stein Mart and Big 5 sporting goods. Did get some good bargains.

Sunday we golfed at Hillcrest with Andersons. The play was so slow that we only got in 15 holes. After golf Andersons had us over for cocktails and to show us their place that they just purchased this year. They bought the place fully furnished right down to the dishes and towels. We went with them to Dillons for supper. Their specialty is BBQ, but they have a lot of other choices on the menu.

Today we went to Barnes & Noble to get a card game called Quiddler that we played with Myrna & Paulette. Then picked up some groceries.

It was a little cooler yesterday & today and rain expected tomorrow. Still beats below 0 weather and snow.

Friday, February 10, 2012

get away

Sunday Heiers had a Super Bowl Party. I won the first 2 quarters of the pool for $12.50 each. There were about 8 or 10 couples.

Monday we played cards with Heiers and Andersons.

Tuesday we didn't do anything special

Wednesday we played at Belair, an executive type course. Executive means the holes are all rather short, only 5 par 4s and the rest are par 3. For a short course it is really tough. I shot 83. The pair they put us with were Tim & Jack.

Thursday we play Coldwater in Avondale with Leroy and his friend, Jack. Then had grilled burgers at Heiers. Coldwater was a nice course I shot 92. We played a putting game and I had the most 1 putts. Maybe I better check my lottery numbers.

I have been getting my exercise by walking to CVS pharmacy to get our daily paper. It is about 1.3 miles away so get about 2.6 round trip.

More later.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

winter get away

Left Norfolk aroun 9 am on Jan. 23rd. There was a little snow on the ground, but roads were clear once we got to hiway 30. Ate lunch at Dairy Queen in Lexiington. Made it to Rawlins, Wyoming for the night.

We paacked stuff for sandwiches so not need to hunt for places to eat after we check into our motel rooms.

Tuesday there was a little dusting of snow but road were ok as soon as the sun came out. Stopped at Little America for ice cream. Had lunch in Gainsville, Ut at Subway. Made it to Elko for the night.

Wednesday roads were good. We ate our sandwich lunch at a rest stom in Nevada. Made it to Reno. Had supper with David and family. What a great family.

Thursday we left Reno for Sacramento. It was rainy and foggy all the way until almost Sacramento. Had a delay when a truck hauling hay dumped part of his load on the hiway. Made it safely to Myrna's in time to mooch supper off of her.

Friday Myrna & I took a walk around downtown Sacramento. We had lunch with Paulette. Thanks for the lunch PJ. We then visited her classroom and watched a great teacher in action. Watched some silly movie and other stuff on TV. Myrna doesn't have TV, but gets Netflix through WII.

Saturday we went walking again while Jerry watched Ks & Iowa State in the rec room of Myrna's complex. We went to a bookstore and the library and purchased some cheap used books. We had supper/dinner with Paulette then went back to Myrna's and played a fun card game. Can't remember the name of it, but it was kind of like Scrabble.

Sunday am we packed up and had Breakfast with Paulette. Thanks for the breakfas, Janell. Then left for Los Vegas. Since we had a big breakfast we just ate cheese & crackers for lunch. Spent the night in LV, but didn't do any gambling.

Monday we drove to St George, Utah to see Angie's Gramma and Nels. We had lunch at Village Inn before we got there and Nels took us to the Texas Roadhouse for supper. Mary & I worked on a jigsaw puzzle and listened to Nels talk about all the places he has been. They were not happy that we only stayed one night. Jerry told them we would try to arrange to stay longer next time.

Tuesday after breakfast we took off for Arizona. Our load was a little heavier as Nels likes to give things away. He gave Jerry a golfclub and a bunch of used golf balls. As we were getting into the van he asked if I read. When I said yes he started handing me books he had read & put in the garage. All were mysteries, which is my favorite readiing. Ate in Kingman at IHOP. Made it to Wickenberg, AZ for the night.

Wednesday we made it to Peoria, Picked up groceries at Walmart and moved into our little home for the month of February. Wednesday is "pool night" at this complex. Everyone gathers around the pools for drinks & snacks. So got to meet a lot of people, but probably won't remember too many names. A lot of the people were from Canada.

Thursday we went to the golf tournament. Friday we went to A Chocolate Affaire and bought fudge. yumm. Saturday we had to go to Best Buy to get a new laptop. Now I guess I better go fix some supper.