Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Class reunion

This is my class of 1961 that got together at the Lyons alumni banquet. It was great fun to see all those in attendance. Some I had not seen for 50 years.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Olympic Training Center-Co Springs

After touring the facility, we decided to train for the next winter olympics :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thursday, March 3, 2011

vacation-final chapter

Sunday we met Hitchcocks & Humburgs for breakfast at "The Egg & I". Then the girls went to the Swap Meet while the guys hung out at Humburg's Mobile Home to watch golf.
It was cold and rainy.

Monday we again played at Arizona Resort with H's & H's. They had a special twilight rate that began at 3. We could play as long as we wanted and the price included a steak supper. We played 9 holes and decided it was getting to cold for more. While there we ran into some people from my past. Rich & Cynthia Svendsen, Sharon S. and her husband, Mike Bushlack, Alan Nies, Loralee (Moseman)and her husband, Jim Wickstrom. All are originally from Lyons and Oakland.

Tuesday Hitchcocks joined Rezniceks, Pietzmeiers and us at Vista GC in Peoria. A coyote wandered across the course while we were playing. Rezniceks had us over for drinks and snacks after golf. Some other couples, friends of Rezniceks, joined us. We went to Wild Horse for hamburgers. This is a "biker bar" a little north of town that claims they have the best hamburgers in the world. They were very good. We spotted another coyote running along the road on the way out there.

Wednesday was a do nothing day.

Thursday we drove to Casa Grande to see the Rheinhart's new vacation property. We had lunch with them at IHOP. They took us to Eloy to watch parachute training. Two planes go up and drop off several jumpers that land on a football-sized landing area. We were sitting on bleachers that were about the distance of the sidelines. There were a couple of amatuers that jumped in tandum with the pros. We watched simulated sky diving in the wind tunne. We watched some people that had paid $30.00 for two minutes in the simulator and professionals training jumpers. Art showed us around Casa Grande.

Friday we we played golf for the last time at Peoria Pines. We had heard Iron Works at Belair Golf Course had "the best fishfry in town." So we had fish for supper.

Saturday we did laundry and packed up what we could and got everything except what would go into the cooler out where we wouldn't forget it. Heier's had us over for supper again. We had a pork tenderloin Leroy fixed on the grill. They gave us leftover pork for sandwiches on our way home.

Sunday we loaded up the van and left Glendale around 8:30 am. Because of the forcast of snow and wind in Flagstaff, we had to take the long way through New Mexico. The wind was really bad. We heard they had a gust of 90 mph in Magdalina. It was probably up to 40 or 50 mph while we were driving. We gave up the battle at Socorro. We had planned to get to Albequrque. It was much easier getting in and out of Socorro than it would have been at 8 am in Alb.

We were on the road again around 8:00 on Monday and drove to Colby, KS. Weather was much nicer. We recieved word that Nettie's Mom had passed away over the weekend. Her funeral was to be Wednesday.

Tuesday was a short 6 hour drive to Norfolk. We saw a couple of deer and several flocks of turkeys. A couple were on the road, but Jerry managed to get stopped before he hit them. The weather was really nice until we stopped at Club 81 for lunch. The wind changed and the temp just kept dropping. We arrived home around 2:30. Picked up the mail, started the paper delivery, unloaded the van and got a few groceries.

We are glad we left a day early so we could be home for the funeral.

The trip was a lot of fun. We enjoyed getting away from the cold for a month and playing some golf in February. Also had some great fun with other Norfolk Snowbirds.
We do hope we can do it again next year.

Will try to put up a few pictures later.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

vacation part 3

Time is going to fast.

Sunday night we caught the metro train and went to the Pro BB game between the Phoenix Suns and Sacramento Kings. Phoenix lost. It was fun to see all the activity that goes on during time outs and between quarters. There were a lot of kids there as they had Star Wars characters around and a coarume contest for the kids. Wasn't really on my bucket list, but was fun.

Monday we golfed at Peoria Pines with DiAnn and Andy Pietzmeier and ate supper with them at Coco's.

Tuesday night Phyllis Hall had Pietzmeiers, Rezniceks and us over for a cookout. These people are all from Norfolk. As a sad side note - Rezniceks were called to North Platte because marilyn's sister had passed away. While they were there another sister in Norfolk also died.

Wednesday we stayed put and did some laundry. Sure wasted a beautiful day, but can't play every day.

Thursday we played at Villa de Paz. They guys that were put with us were John, who was from originally from Boston and retired to AZ. Ken was visiting from Chicago.
So far everyone that has been put with us have been very nice. The people at all the golf courses are really nice. Guess they are used to having a lot of old snowbirds. (Or old buzzards and biddies, eh, Bob?)

Dick & Bev Hitchcocks, our friends from Carroll, flew into Mesa Thursday night. We drove down there to play with them at the Arizona Resort where they are staying. We had brunch at IHOP before we played. Then we found a really good bar & grill for supper. They will be in AZ for a week so we will spend some more time with them later.

Today it has been raining so we just went to the exercise room and did a little work out this morning. Only 53 degrees today. It does look like the sun is trying to come out, but will just watch the golf on TV today. One of the people we played with told us they had not had any rain since Christmas so I guess they can use some.

Tomorrow we plan to meet Hickcocks and go to a huge flea market in Mesa. More rain is predicted and a little chilly, so will be a good day not to golf. Golf is usually higher on weekends, so we didn't really plan to golf on Saturday & Sunday anyway.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

vacation part 2

Tuesday 2/8. Played 18 holes on Belair, an executive golf course. A couple from Toronto, Doug & Muriel, were put with us. The course has too many sand traps so we decided we did not like that course.

Wednesday we played a nice course about 15 miles away called Bougenvilla. It was a nice course and would play it again. The front nine Ed, who was a retired truck driver and worked at the course, and his brother,John, who was a retired Arizona patrolman, played the front nine with us.

Thursday we went to Falcon golf course with the Heiers. When we finished they asked us to stay for Chili.

Friday we did a little shopping and got the van washed.

Saturday we went with the Heiers to Wickenberg Gold Rush Days. A church there had a pancake breakfast that was really good. They had a nice parade with a lot of horses. Of course it was all "old west". There were several couples there from St Joseph, MO that live in the same neighborhood as the Heiers. We had a couple of drinks with them after the parade and then had BBQ sandwiches for lunch. Then we checked out all the vendor's tents. It was a beautiful day. The temperature reached 80.

Heiers will be gone for about 10 days so we are on our own for entertainment.

Monday, February 7, 2011

vacation part 1

This is going to be my diary of our winter get away. I will not feel affended if you are bored.
We left home on Friday, drive to Colorado Springs, Co. Stayed at the first Super 8 we found. It happened to be the one we stayed in the last time we were there. Even had the same manager.
On Saturday we toured the Olympic training center. Then we drove on to Albequrque, NM and spent the night in another Super 8.
On Sunday we checked the weather to make sure Flagstaff was not in any type of snow warning. Weather was great and we spotted a small herd of elk Just outside of Flagstaff. Drove on to Sedonia. Found another Super 8. Getting off the interstate was one of the best accidental turns we ever took. The beauty around Sedonia was breathtaking.
Monday we drove on into Glendale and upgraded our motel to Quality Inn. We couldn't get into our condo until Tuesday, so we drove around the area and found our condo.
Tuesday we checked out the area until time to get into the condo and moved all our stuff in. Checked supplies and went to pick up what groceries we would need.
Wednesday we kind of hung out and tried to get settled. Took 2 trips to Best Buy and a call to Cox cable to get the laptop connected.
Thursday we had planned to go to the PGA tournament, but the unusually cold weather kept us away. We did find an executive course and played 9 holes in the afternoon.
Friday I played golf with Marilyn R, DiAnn, P, and Phyllis H. While Jerry played with Leroy, Dale R and Andy P. We had drinks, munchies and pizza at Heiers after the golf.
Saturday we finally got to the PGA tournament. We decided if we ever went again it would not be on Saturday. There were to many people that were there to party. I'm not sure some of them even knew a tournament was going on.
Sunday we went to a Chocolate Affaire in downtown Glendale. It was the usual vendors, music and displays of most festivals. The weather had finally warmed up to what we expected this area to be like. Watched the PGA and Super Bowl on TV.
We had planned to go to the PGA to watch the final round, but since they did get over half of the holes played we decided to watch it on TV. I checked out some golf on the internet and found a bargain for Wednesday. So far so good

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Vancouver, WA

Sticking with a new tradition started on our visits to the Great Lakes, I threw a rock into the Columbia River.

The train was not a run away. The crossing was at a very odd angle.

Cindy & I walked along the Washington side of the Columbia River.