Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Road trip, etc.

Saturday had a schedule - move plants, watch Nebraska football, take a road trip.

The past 3 years my plant collection has outgrown my window space in my living room.
The house we live in has a wonderful sun porch. Unfortunately it has no heat except the sun. It is a great place for plants, almost like a green house. But, they can't be left out there over the winter. About three years ago my boss allowed me to take the plants from my collection and put them in the dealership showroom for the winter. The plants seem to really like it there. Jerry & I loaded the pickup box, then the van and still had 4 large plants left over for a third trip. Some of my outside plants also get to go to the showroom. All together I think we moved 24 plants which are now safe from the frosty Nebraska winter.

Next on the schedule was to get to the Fairplay clubhouse to get the best seat for the ball game. We did and watched the Huskers beat Baylor 32-30. I had 0 in the football pool and lost on the safety. Last week I lost the pool because of the final touchdown. Not my year for winning the $10.00 pool.

Now, the road trip - For several years our friends have said we need to ride with them to their home farms near Bloomfield. The fall has always been the time to do this because of the beautiful trees. On approaching Bloomfield, the windmills of the wind farm are clearly visible. This is quite a sight. There are going to be 27 (I think) of them and they are huge. Anyone who thinks Nebraska is flat needs to take a turn off of I80 and see some real country. There area areas all over the state that have hills that are almost scary.
Donna's mom is currently residing in a nursing home in Norfolk, but is hoping to go back to her assisted living apartment in Bloomfield. Therefore Donna had a list of things to pick up and a list of things to do. Denny also wanted to check on the paint job his renter is doing on his family farm. The trees did not disappoint us. First stop was the apartment. The facility is very nice and clean and the attendant seemed very friendly. The apartment is jam packed with necessities and things to make it homey. The item that really catches your eye is a refurbished violin hanging on the wall. This musical memory belonged to Donna's grandfather and she had it restored for her Mom. (Donna is a very thoughtful person). Next stop was "the farm." Which is guarded by a 3-legged blue healer. He won't hurt you, but he might love you to death. Plants had to be watered and the furnace filter changed. A couple of items were picked up to take to "Mom". While watering plants, Donna asked if I would like a Norfolk pine that was from her Dad's funeral. OK, I don't really need another plant, do I? No, but I took it anyway. We toured the farmstead and the land around it. Next was on to Denny's farm. No one was home there except 3 dogs including a St Bernard. They were friendly so no one got hurt. The paint job was coming along and we did not spend a lot of time there.
Our next stop was Murdo's near Yankton, SD for supper, or dinner, whatever you prefer. The wait was only about 10 minutes and the food was great. Murdo's is right on the Missouri River and a very popular eating place. Since we were on the river, I thought catfish would be the appropriate choice. It was very good. The last stop was Walmart in Yankton for something Donna was looking for, but couldn't find in Norfolk. Her hunt was successful and we headed home. We crossed the new bridge between Nebraska and South Dakota. Since it was dark we couldn't see much except the bridge. It is ready to be a part of the 4-lane highway 81 if they ever get that far.
I guess this is one thing that I can cross off my mental "bucket list."