Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Still Winter

The weekend gave us a breather from the COLD. Temp got above freezing for a few days. Back to cold yesterday. Cold is an understatement. The high was 6 and that was right away in the morning. The wind was blowing 20 to 30 mph with gusts to 50. Adding to the mix was a little snow. Really ugly day. Today is still cold but without the wind.

On Saturday, I went to Christoper & Banks and spent my gift certificate from Tammie and Randy. I don't want to add to the 8 billion $$ that doesn't get spent. Of course I spent more than the certificate, but "everything was on sale". Utechts decided to go to Sioux City on Sunday, so after church they picked me up and away we went. Jerry opted to stay home and watch golf on TV (he hates shopping). Not really needing anything, my quest was for bargains. It is not a bargain if you don't need it, but "need" is the operative word when seeking bargains. My big finds of the day were at Gordman's. I have to wear a hat when I golf and always look for new ones. They had a pink hat with Herbie Husker on it originally $18.00, Gordman price $9.00, marked down to $5.00 and a deal on Sunday all clearance merchandise 1/2 price off lowest price. Net for my cap $2.50. I also got a sweatshirt original price was around $32.00 marked down to $9.00 clearance, net $4.50.

I did get my t-shirt quilt all tied. Now I have to finish it off. Disadvantage of being short - I have 2 jackets that need the sleeves shortened and a pair pants to shorten. Guess these are projects to work on while the weather is cold.

Spring is coming.


Thursday, January 24, 2008


Brrrrrrrrrrrr -------IS IT SPRING YET?


Wednesday, January 23, 2008


See LDCP's comment.

Did you know God actually created woman first? He had given her 3 breasts. When he
asked her if she was satisfied with her body, Eve told him that 2 breasts would be more practical. God then removed the middle one and asked her if that was better.
Eve said it was perfect. God pondered "What should I do with this worthless boob?".
And God created Man.

So think twice before you throw out your boobs.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


As you can tell, the back nine is pretty quiet this time of year. The temperature has to be above 50 before this golfer will venture out. 50 is the lowest temperature, but also has an * *there has to be little or no wind. There was one day above 50 with no wind, but there is still about 4" of snow on the course. (sigh)

The Christmas decorations are all back in the storage space. Which was swept and dusted while the boxes were elsewhere. The front yard looks kind of dark at night since the lights are all back in their boxes. The gifts are all put away and the wrapping paper stored.

Now what? I look around my little room which has become the "computer room". It never had a name before, just the "little room". There is the quilt to finish, a pair of jeans that need a button sewn on, the files that need to be put in boxes so 2008 files can be put in the file cabinet. There are also shirts to deliver to Kathy to make memory bears for Jaydee and Kendra. Borrowed TV trays to return to Donna along with her folding chairs that I borrowed for our Christmas gathering.
There are the Elvis glasses that I got in our snowball gift exchange. Can't decide if I want to use them (they are a nice size) or donate them to a golf tournament for a door prize. There are some books I have read that I intend to give to a friend. There are scraps of material that I probably should just get rid of, but think maybe there could be a use for them. Janell, do you need scraps? My scale also sits where it is easy to get to. Sometimes I like it and sometimes I don't. On the walls there is a variety of odds and ends. A small knick-knack shelf with a few things on it. Two plaques of little cowboys and cowgirls. A John Elway commemorative plaque. There is clutter on top of the desk (should clean that I guess). A cabinet has baby pictures and senior pictures of Cindy, Tammie and Joe.
There are 2 desks, a roll top and my computer desk, a file cabinet, sewing machine (thinking of moveing that to my bedroom), a stepstool, an office chair, and all the stuff you need with a computer. Sure seems like a lot of stuff in the little room.

Time to get busy and get my weekend chores done.
Spring is coming.