Monday, October 22, 2007


Surgery went well. There is about a 1/2 inch cut with 2 stitches at the base of my right thumb. It is all pretty colors around it. I am back to work with limited use of my right hand.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Soggy weekend

No back nine this weekend only the front nine Friday night. Donna & I managed to get nine in before it rained. We just got to the shed when it started sprinkling.
It rained Saturday - no golf. It rained Sunday - no golf, 4 person scramble rained out. It rained Monday - no golf, NWAGA scramble at the Pines near Valley rained out.
So, inside stuff. The game wasn't on TV, thank goodness. I had trimmed the trees out back and cut back a really sticky bush on Thursday so we loaded that stuff up and Jerry took it to the dump. He went to Pilger to change oil in trucks. I filled some cracks in the floor of my sun room. I loaded up some discarded items and took them to the Salvation Army.
You know how one thing leads to another? Well when I got back from the Salvation Army, the wheelbarrow that had some of the trimmings in it was still out because the van has to be out of the garage to get it in it's proper storage spot. Well, I decided to sweep that corner of the garage. Then I just kept sweeping and moving things. Then I noticed how dirty the window was, so get the windex and wash the window. After moving all the gardening tools around, I decided we needed another rack to hang them on (put on list for Sunday). I asked Jerry what he wanted for supper. He didn't know (as usual). I talked him into going to Whiskey Creek since he didn't get home in time to eat out with us on Friday.
Sunday- We went to church. Donna & Denny joined us because the Saints & Sinners were doing the service. One of their members had surgery so the were a trio instead of a quartet. We went to Hyvee for breakfast, stopped at Menard's and picked up what we needed for the storage rack and got some hooks to hang a ladder in the now clean garage. Had to go home to get my grocery list, so had to go out again. The rack and hangers are all installed and the garage looks a lot neater (for now anyway).
Finishing up my laundry, I decided to clean out the vent to the dryer which hasn't been working real well. I don't use it much in the summer, but with the rainy weather I decided it was time to see what the problem was. It was bad. Now it works like a new dryer. This led to cleaning the basement laundry room. Then while I am down there, the bathroom got cleaned. It is easy to "forget" to clean the basement bath since it doesn't get used much.
Time to sit for awhile. Jerry is watching the Chief's and then surfing the other games and to women's golf. I picked up the book I have been reading, Middlesex, that someone recommended. This is a really long book, but hard to put down. Still have a few pages to read. Sunday evenings I like to work the World Herald crossword puzzle while watching TV.
Monday back to work, since golf was rained out. Probably a good thing because I have been really busy.
Thursday I go in to have my "trigger thumb" repaired. This is something that came on after the carpel tunnel surgery I had 2 years ago. I had a cortisone shot in it then, but it has recurred, so will have it fixed. Outpatient thing and only off work a couple of days. Will be limited to using only my left hand for a couple of weeks and then no lifting or straining it for 4 to 6 weeks. Golf clubs will have to go to the basement until spring. (unless we get some really warm winter weather.)
Would be nice to see some sunshine.

Monday, October 8, 2007


Fall is in the air. Air conditioner was turned on for awhile Saturday night to cool the house for sleeping. No one had been home all day so it wasn't needed until then.
Friday evening golf - darkness won and we had to quit with 1 hole left.
Saturday - Jerry was invited to play with his brother in a scramble in Oakland. They had a good time and took first place out of 18 teams. Meantime I went antiquing and shopping with Utechts in Lincoln. (Sorry, girls, didn't even get a chance to call). We got home in time to watch the Huskers get slaughtered. Nebraska needs another Tom Osborn. The volleyball girls took Colorado in three and are still undefeated.
Sunday - we worked on putting new carpeting on our front steps. The project was rained out before it was finished. There were several storms that hit our area Sunday afternoon and evening.
Weekends are always too short and I never get as much accomplished as is planned.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


The phone is back in my possession and turned back on.

Monday, October 1, 2007


Friday I had to tell a lie to my friend and best golfing buddy.

Today is her 60th birthday. Her husband of 40 years had planned a small surprise party. Her daughter and family from Salina, KS also planned to surprise her just by coming for the weekend. My part was to tell her I couldn't play golf after work. Therefore I had to tell her that Joe wanted us to come to his house for supper and we wouldn't be able to golf or go out for supper. It is probably a good thing I told her over the phone, because I am not a good liar. When she walked into Baily's
she said that 2 shocks were more than she could take in one day. The first being her family walking in and the second being that we were there ready to celebrate this milestone. After supper we went to their house for some socializing. A good time was had by all.
Saturday we had tickets to NEBRASKA VOLLEYBALL, the number 1 team in the nation.
We also celebrated KENDRA'S BIRTHDAY, #11. Tammie & Randy had purchased an old pickup and we were delivering it to them. Three reasons for a trip to Lincoln. We picked up the truck and paperwork ane left Norfolk about 12:30. With the wind blowing 30-40 mph the 1/2 tank of gas in the truck was used up in a hurry. One of the places we stop for a break is David City. I was going to put gas in the truck, but when I switched tanks it showed almost a full tank. We took our potty break and got a Diet Coke. Only a few miles down the road the truck began to stutter and died. After coasting to the side of the road, I switched back to the front tank and the truck started. Now the gas tank is on empty with about 15 miles to Seward (into the wind). We made it to Seward, whew! Since we had not had lunch we decided to get a hamburger at Runza to sustain us until Godfateher's. When I got back to the truck, I couldn't find my cell phone. Jerry dialed the number, but we could not hear it ring. All I knew of the station in DC was it was a Shell station. I found a phone book, but it was not listed under "Shell". I called the non emergency number for the DC police dept and got the name of the station. They had not found the phone and no one had turned it in. Now I have to find the Alltel customer service number. The one listed in the phone book did not work. Calling back to Courtesy Ford, Jeff found the number for customer service on the Internet. Of course when I call I get someone with an accent. Cell phones are not always known for being clear, but I think I finally got the service cancelled. Ok, now I better get some gas. Pulling up to the pumps, 3 of the 4 pumps have bags over them indicating out of order. The 4th one a guy was trying unsuccessfully to get it to work. We gave up on gas there and I hoped I had enough left to get a block down the street to get enough to get to Lincoln. We left Seward with just about enough time to get to Godfather's in time for the party. I only made one wrong turn in Lincoln, but we got there.
Kendra loved her remote-control Mustang, the book (A Series of Unfortunate Events) and the sweater that we had given her. We had pizza and cake and a nice visit. T&R were happy with the truck. They had plans to haul lumber from Home Depot on Sunday.
Off to the VB game. Only a few wrong turns and into the parking lot. A short walk of about 3 blocks and we are there. Nebraska swept Baylor in three and it only took about 1 hour and 15 minutes. We had an uneventful drive home. Thank goodness.
Sunday was pretty quiet until the middle of the afternoon when the wind changed to the north and started blowing hard again. We were lucky and did not get any of the storms that hit around the area. The good news is that Randy called and had found my phone in the truck.
Back to work.