Saturday, May 31, 2008


Finally some sunshine. Golf is really getting a late start this year.

Tomorrow I take off for Hastings and the NWAGA Easter Stroke Play Tournament.
We play a practice round on Sunday and a 2-day tournament Monday & Tuesday.
Any one mildly interested can probably find results in the Omaha WH. I don't expect to do very well because play has been very limited this spring. I do expect to have a good time and I always like to play a new course.

Lots of catching up to do after the trip to Montana and So. Dakota.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Happy Day

Ok, maybe it is just a little thing, but I got my van back. After driving a Focus for 10 days, it is like luxury. Both doors on the driver's side had to be replaced and the entire driver's side repainted. So-all the door dings on that side are gone.
There were 2 things I did like about the Focus. It got 25.88 mpg while I was driving it. All the driving was in town. The other thing is I could walk all the way around it without squeezing while it was in the garage.

Golf league has begun. It is still kind of chilly in the evenings, but we haven't been rained out YET. There are only 3 little geese that have hatched on the golf course this year. I think the coons must have got to some of the nests. Last year there were two batches of 5 & 6. There was a badger swimming in one of the ponds last night. This is the first time I have seen one out there, but there has been some very large animal holes on the course.

One of our club members is a member of the Bluebird Society and for about 3 or 4 years has put up bluebird houses around the course. Therefore we have an abundance of bluebirds. They really do help keep the mosquitoes down because in the fall when they leave it seems like there are more mosquitoes. Anyone who lives in the country should have a couple of these houses. I bought Jacob a membership in the BB society which comes with a couple of houses. He hasn't had time to put them up yet as he and Joe have been planting hundreds of trees on their new acreage.

Sounds like we may have some good golf weather this weekend :).

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Sometime back I blogged about horses over by the high school. No one seemed to know why they were there. Well, they were back again this week. It just so happened that I was out walking over my noon hour and walked by the back side of the school where the horses and owners were. So, being curious, I asked. They bring the horses to the school and all the kindergarteners get to come take a ride. I wish I had the time to watch the little kids. Some of them have probably never seen a horse close up.

Mystery solved.


Monday, May 5, 2008

This & That

April 27th two friends and I went to the Swan Lake Ballet. It was wonderful. Wayne State College has an organization that gets some really big shows and charges very little to see them. Our cost was $10.00 each. This was the Russian Ballet company out of New York. Ramsey Theater is not very big so there are not a lot of bad seats.
We were in the second row just off to the right. Close enough to see all the expressions that are so important in a ballet. Everyone should see this performance if you get a chance. This is something that I can cross off my mental "Bucket List."

Yesterday our granddaughter, Jaydee, was confirmed. I believe this is a very big milestone in a young persons life. One of the first steps to adulthood. She has had a very good teacher, Chip, and I do hope most of what she has learned the past few years remain in her heart and mind. We had a nice lunch at Village Inn with all the family. It was a wonderful day.

The weather here has been really up and down. One day we have snow and the next day or two may be 70+. The wind seems to blow almost every day. We may have had 2 days the entire month of April that the wind did not blow.

The van goes to the body shop today. It will be "hospitalized" for about 10 days.

Happy Cinco De Mayo. I think it has something to do with a battle, not the invention of mayonnaise. LOL