Friday, March 30, 2007

on time

When we were growing up, there seemed to be a problem getting anywhere on time. We never
made it to Sunday School for the opening song. When we went to the movies we got there after
the 7 o'clock movie started. We had to stay for the beginning of the 9 o'clock move to see how
it all began. Back in those days, they showed the same move twice. Even after we moved five miles closer to town we were still late. Maybe because there were so many of us and only one
bathroom. Although until I was 13, it was a two- seater north of the house. (The good old days?)
We did manage to get to school on time. Maybe because Mom didn't have to get ready to go,
and Dad was our transportation.
Now, maybe because of always being late, I am more apt to be 1/2 hour early than 5 minutes
late. If we are waiting for friends to pick us up, we are probably in our coats and looking out
the window at least 10 minutes before the appointed time. Is it rude to be 10 minutes early to
a party? Or better to be fasionably late? I get a little impatient with people who are always late.
I don't like waiting, but making someone wait for me is more unacceptable.
One of my co-workers is always 5 to 10 minutes late. This person comes in 5 to 10 minutes late,
but makes up for it by not getting out the door at the appointed time. The lunch hour becomes
the lunch 65 minutes. Since the required hours are put in, I guess this is acceptable.
I realize that at times things beyone our control happen to make us late, but if latness is the
norm, it seems there should be some adjustments made.
The truck driver husband can check a map and figure the miles and type of road (4-lane ,
2-lane, or interstate) and guess within an hour what time he will reach his destination even if
it is 500 to 1500 miles away. I guess that come from 40+ years of practice. When I ask him
how long it will take to reach point B, his answer is "It depends on who is driving."

Nice rains the last couple of days. Thankful it is not more snow. The daffodils are blooming.
I wish they could last a little longer they are so pretty. The lawn mower is ready to go, whoopee? Some of the neighbors have already mowed once.

Jacob has his lat wrestling meet tomorrow. Abby will be confirmed this Sunday. There are
3 confirmands in her little church. Kendra and George will not be able to make it to the service
because Kendra is in the bell choir in her church. When you are in a bell choir, you have to be
there. One missing bell can mess up the whole presentation.


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

For ladawn,
I don't have equipment to send pics. You might get Janell to send the horse riding pics from
last September. We took the grandkids to visit Janell for horseback riding. Bubba is such a
great and patient horse. None of the kids (ages 8, 9, 12,13) had ever ridden anything but
a shetland pony being led by an adult at the Lincoln Zoo. By the end of the day they were all
riding by themselves and had Bubba up to a trot. Jacob is still trying to talk his other Grandpa
into boarding a horse for him. We had taken them fishing in the morning. Kendra caught a
couple of little fish. Since they werent biting, that got kind of boring.
We try to do something special with just the grandkids on Grandparents day. It is getting
harder to find something they all enjoy since the age difference is really starting to become
a factor.

As for the t-shirt quilt. You cut the logos on the front of the shirts to an equal size, about 17"
square, back them with pellon interfacing. Then cut them to 15" squares. Put strips between them and continue as you would any other quilt. Myrna made one without putting strips
between the blocks and that worked too. A full size quilt takes about 30 t-shirts. I found instructions on the internet.


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

6 things about me

1. I have a job that I have had for 15 years and am getting kind of bored with it but am too old
to look for anything else. Would like to retire, but can't afford insurance. There is no where for
me to go in this company except out. Have a husband that is a truck driver so spend a lot of
time home alone expecially in winter. NO, I don't want a dog or cat.

2. I don't get to spend enough time with the grandkids. I try to make what activities I can.
This includes - church and school programs, basketball, volleyball, wrestling, baseball, softball, track.

3. I love to play golf and would like to travel the US and play in every state. Would also like to
travel all around the US and just stop when something looks interesting. I love the spring and
summer months when I can plant some new flowers and watch the perennials come back up
and bloom. The daffodils are just beginning to bloom. This must be a sure sign it is spring.
I have bowled in a league almost every year since I was 19 years old. Have never had a 600
series (597 once).

4. I am a procrastinator. I know what needs to be done but think there is always tomorrow to
wash those windows and clean up the spare room or the basement. I like being up in the mornings, but also like to sleep in on my days off. Can't have it both ways. I would rather mow
the lawn than dust furniture.

5. I regret that my dad never got to know any of his grandsons. I hate the disease that robbed
my mom of the last 10 years of her life.

6. I like Nebraska football and basketball, but girls volleyball is my favorite. Will watch "March
Madness" as long as a big 12 team in playing. But lose interest after that. Will watch pro football if the Broncos are playing. Like to watch golf when my favorites are playing.


Friday, March 23, 2007

March 23

I think maybe I have it now. I really don't know what I will write about. My family consists of
2 daughters and 1 son, 2 sons-in-law and 1 daughter in law, 3 granddaughters and 1 grandson.
I also have a step granddaughter and a step grandson and 3 step granddaughters that I have
never met. They all live close enough we can get together for holidays and birthdays.

So far spring has been very acceptable. Although a spring snow storm should not be ruled out
until maybe May. Time to get the lawn mower and golf cart tuned up for the summer and hope
to put the snow blower away.

We have our annual golf meeting tonight. It was postponed because of the big snow storm

Three friends and I went to a Manheim Steamroller concert in Sioux City. I really enjoyed the
music. Had to have a CD, so purchased the Steamroller meets the mouse CD. It has music
from Disney movies. It is impossible to listen to some of the music on it and not feel good.

I do hope this posting works this time.


Thursday, March 22, 2007

gettling started

OK, I've joined the bloggers. "the back nine" is from a quote. " I'm not over the hill, I'm on the
back nine. " I really lead a rather boring life, but at my age that is just right. Unless you want
to hear about grandkids or my golf game (or lack of) I don't have much to write about.

Spring is now 2 days old and so far it has been nice. Won't rule out a spring snowstorm, which
is not unusual for Northeast Nebraska.

Have been working on a t-shirt quilt learning as I go. Have made a few mistakes and will have
to try to remember what they were if I ever get another abundance of t-shirts.