Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Enough already

OK, I surrender don't send any more snow. Norfolk and surrounding area have set record on December snow fall. Officially Norfolk had 30" in December and we received a couple more last night. Now that we are buried in snow the temps are going to get really nasty. Below zero at night and below freezing "highs".
My swirly lighted Christmas tree is on a light sensitive timer. It comes on at dark and stays on for 6 hours. It doesn't come on because the light sensor is buried under 4 feet of snow. So my 8 foot tree is now about 4 feet tall. I hope I can get it out by Easter.
Both of our Christmas get togethers were postponed. One is rescheduled for Saturday the other for sometime in March, or June if we have spring blizzard. Keeping my fingers crossed. This is making it kind of hard to type so excuse the errors.
The streets are a mess. Intersections are treacherous as you can't see what is coming because of piles of snow. If you stop you may not get moving again. Cars are buried on the streets. I try to be a good neighbor, but am tempted to report the ones on my street. The good thing is I don't have to leave town and only have about 12 blocks to work. The days are getting longer and spring is coming. Isn't it?

Happy New Year.

Friday, December 25, 2009


Wishing everyone out there a Merry Christmas. I hope you and yours have better weather than in the Midwest. It has been snowing and blowing for 2 days with possibility of more through part of tomorrow.

Our Christmas packages will have to wait until the family can get here. The cookies are in the freezer for their own safety.

Christmas day was spent like any other Friday. Doing laundry. Didn't even step out to see how cold it is. The drifts are the deepest we have had since moving into this house 8 years ago. Did see a squirrel run through the snow. Still don't see how all the little creatures can survive winter.

Just rambling and hoping for a better tomorrow.