Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Nebraska Life

Nebraska Life is a magazine published right here in Norfolk. It is one magazine I read cover to cover. Published 6 times a year, it has articles and pictures of people and places in Nebraska. Kind of makes me want to get in my car and just tour
the state.
This little quiz was in the latest issue. How many can you answer? The answers are all towns in Nebraska.
1. Speedy little town
2. Embarrassed strato-cumulus
3. Flowering area
4. Type of hound
5. Shaquille
6. 1492 Sailor
7. An automobile-leg joint
8. A common question
9. Damaged Indian weapon
10. No frills look
11. Brand of overalls
12. A union between nations
13. Legal interment
14. Red hair
15. Place to pray
16. A tall evergreen (two answers)
17. A river of trees (two answers)
18. The best athlete
19. Horse feed with bees
20. Calling for mother while laughing.

Answers at a later date.

Monday, February 18, 2008


Don't try to wash a cell phone in the washing machine. Jerry left his in a jacket pocket. Not only did it not come clean, but it quit working. Imagine that. Of course we couldn't get one like it so we wouldn't have to spend the extra for a charger for the truck. Kind of an expensive lesson. The phone was about 4 years old so it was probably on its last legs anyway. Now we will see how long it takes him to get used to the new one. This is a lot of technology for and old guy.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Loss of a landmark

Sunday night Decatur lost what was probably the oldest business in the town. The Green Lantern Steakhouse burned to the ground. Fire departments from Lyons, Tekamah and Onawa were called in to assist. All was for naught, it is a total loss. The building was originally built as a car dealership then was an implement dealer. In 1955 it was converted to a steakhouse and bar. It has been in business for 53 years. The original owners, the Coopers I believe, had to sell for health reasons. It has changed hands 3 or 4 times. The present owners have had it for about 4 years.
The first time I ever heard of Pizza was when Dad and his bowling team would go there after bowling and have pizza. I think he did bring us some at least once. After having pizza for the first time, we thought it was great when we had Chef-Boy-R-Dee pizza mix with our own hamburger added.
When I worked in the bank in Tekamah, our Christmas parties were held at the Green Lantern.
There are probably not too many people in Burt County that have not eaten there. It will be missed.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Saturday morning I decided to go to an estate auction. It has been a long time since I had been to one. There were all the things amassed by some family. Pots and pans, tupperware, bedding, Christmas decorations, pretty serving dishes, toys, tableware, table clothes, furniture, lawnmower, appliances, etc. There is something kind of sad in seeing a lifetime spread out on a bunch of tables. Not knowing the people makes you wonder what kind of family they were. The board games were well worn but still in their original boxes so we assume the played a lot of games. The washer and dryer were the new water saving ones so we assume they had to replace them recently. The bed was kind of old, but had a new mattress set. There were several walking canes and an adult walker. Someone had trouble getting around. There were a lot of stuffed animals. Wonder if they collected them or if they were leftovers from their children. Sets of tableware, one good set of silverware in a nice box saved for special occasions. A set of Corelle dishes for every day and nice set of china for company. A box of sheet music and music books. Someone must have played the piano although there wasn't one for sale. There wasn't a lot of furniture so we assume the family divided up the collectibles. There was a collection of salt and pepper shakers and a collection of bells. An International pedal tractor in mint condition brought over $200.00.

I didn't stay for the whole auction. My back was getting tired and there wasn't any place to sit. All I bought was one little box of stuff because it had four Garfield glasses in it. It is always fun to see what all you got when you get these miscellaneous boxes home. There was a camera, a hair clipper (don't think Jerry will let me cut his hair). A couple of Budweiser ash trays that I will see if Denny wants since he collects BW stuff. A bird on a log that picks toothpicks out of the log (kind of cute). A blue/white enamel drinking cup which still had the price tag on the bottom. A nice drinking glass. All this for a total of $4.00. All this kind of makes me want to go again.

The rest of the weekend was spent doing the usual weekend chores. Besides the usual stuff, I hemmed up a pair of pants and the sleeves on a couple of jackets that I had bought. Then I worked on my quilt. The binding edge is all pinned and ready to sew.
Jerry had to leave on Sunday afternoon. Joe stopped by to start his truck for him on his way to church. He called and said all three batteries had blown up. Fortunately Freightliner is open on Sunday so Jerry could get the new ones and Joe helped him put them in. I felt so sorry for the guys working out in the cold. I guess they got the job done because Jerry went on his way and didn't come back home.

Spring is one week closer.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

On The Move

The trucks are back on the road. Jerry made it to Chicago where it was raining when he called. Not sure where Joe is. They should both get home tomorrow unless there is more snow out east.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Jerry is snowbound in Wolcott, Ia. Joe is in Peru, Il. Seems like every year one or both of them get stuck at a truck stop at least once. Jerry is trying to get to Chicago which has a forcast of snow for at least the next 2 days. I'm not sure where Joe is headed. At least they are safely parked.
Norfolk got a couple more inches. It is hard to tell because of the wind blowing it into drifts. Some places there is a foot and some spots nothing.
Then there are the tornadoes in the south. Makes a person wonder what the summer months will be like when there are such severe storms in February.
Is the weather getting weirder or is it because of the news coverage we have?