Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Season's end

Golf season is winding down. The PGA players are chasing "The Tiger" for nuero uno.
Club tournaments and city tournaments have been played. Lots of golfers seem to put away their clubs after Labor Day and school starts. This is really a shame because some of the best golfing weather is in September. This year out late summer weather in Nebraska has been the best. Temperatures have been great and we have not had a lot of windy days either. The rains have come at good times and the courses are as pretty and green as spring. One of the downsides of fall golf is the falling leaves. Our course has mostly evergreen trees so the leaves are minimal. The baby geese have grown up and flew away a couple of months ago. Even though they are fun to watch, it's nice not to have the poopy mess they leave.

This is the time of year clubs have some "fun" tournaments trying to generate a little more fall interest. This Sunday our course is having a "one-person scramble". Each player gets to hit 2 balls on every shot. If you have a good shot with the first ball, you don't have to hit the second. A lot of clubs have a final 4 person scramble in mid October. A second reason for this tournament is to get the inventory in the coolers down. Especially if the clubhouse is not used during the winter months.

If you are thinking of buying new clubs, this might be a good time to shop. This years models will be replaced with new ones next spring so just like the automotive industries, they have year end clearances.

I hope all you golfers had a fun season and remember a bad day of golf is a better than a good day of work anytime.

For you non golfers, you don't know what your are missing.