Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tournament update

Last Saturday was our club tournament at Fairplay. Even though I scored the best I have played in a long, long time, I came in 3rd. This is not so bad because it was
3rd in the gross catagory. My score was 89 the low score was 84. Now comes the "if". If I had scored one stroke worse, 90, I would have won first place in the net division. I would have taken home more money, but the prestige of placing with the "big sticks" is better. After the tournament play we played in a "par 3 tournament." They place the tee markers up in the fairways so all the holes are par 3's. I also placed 2nd in the women's division for that. Pretty successful day.

On Wednesday our ladies' league had a member/guest. Members invite someone that does not play in our league. I invited a friend from Wayne. I brought in a ringer and we won first place. Thanks, Sandra.

Pretty good week for me so thanks for letting me brag a little.

Friday, July 18, 2008

back to school

I am going back to school for 4 classes. Since my kids and grandkids are all computer literate, I will try to catch up a little. The computer has been a big part of my job for a long time. But, I feel like I only know how to run the "in house" system at work. The first class was Wednesday afternoon. There is a series of 3 classes on computer basics for seniors. The other class is on Quicken, the bookkeeping system I have been trying to learn to keep the trucking business more up to date. Wish me luck.

Yesterday I took the day off to play in a tournament in Wayne. The local businesses have what they call a "vendors tournament". They invite their vendors to play a 4 person scramble. It is all just for fun. The winners recieve a dozen golf balls to divide between them. Governor Heinneman and some other politicians were there. The gov's team tied for first place. I wonder if they gave him extra mulligans. lol

This weekend is the club tournament at Fairplay. The ladies play on Saturday and the men on Sunday. I better get my weekend chores done today so I can goof off tomorrow.

Our 15 year old grandaughter is on a trip to Europe with a group from her school. She left last Friday and will be home Sunday. What a great experience this is for someone so young.

Better get busy.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Catching up

Boy, have I been busy.

Last Monday, June 30, I had an endoscopy and esophagus aplation. I had this done once before about 4 years ago. I have a conditon called Barritt's esophaus caused by acid reflux, or GERD. An endoscopy is done to see if there is damage. If so, the damaged cells are burned off. I will talk to Dr again on Monday. They send you home when you are still off in la-la land so I don't remember too much about the ride from Omaha back to Norfolk. (I do remember haveing a bowl of chicken broth at Village Inn with Tammie and Randy.) A liquid diet for the first day and then soft foods for a week. By the way, you can make anything soft if you chew it long enough.
Other than that I can go on about my business as usual. I worked on Tuesday, on Wednesday I was invited to play at the Norfolk Country Club so I took that day off as my day off and Friday was the 4th. Only two days to work last week so have been trying to get caught up.
Friday night we were at Joe's for a cookout and fireworks. All of both Joe's and Angie's families were there for supper. Some other friends of theirs came by for the fireworks. It was great fun watching the kids play in the lake. Others played volleyball. I even played 1 game of volleyball. Since I don't even own a swimsuit, I had to be content with just wading into the water a little bit. There was quite a fireworks show with all the other displays around the lake. As we were leaving, the lightening bugs were putting on a display of their own. It is really dark as you drive away from Joe's house and the bugs were spectacular.

We played golf on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday we had two other couples over to play golf and then had a cookout. We had a great time.

Still trying to get my basement back in shape after the water problem. A person can really store a lot of stuff when you have a full basement. I'm not sure that is a good thing.

Do hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and enjoy what is left of summer. The stores are putting out school supplies, so fall can't be far behind.