Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Streets of Tombstone


Gunfight at the Ok correl.

This was an enactment of the famous gunfight.
Doc Holiday and the Earps - Wyatt, Virgil, & Morgan
Wyatt Earp
Doc Holiday
Doc Holiday
Hattie Earp (Wyatt's stepdaughter & Tom Clanton) It seems Hattie and Tom had a thing going.
Billie the Kid & one of the Clanton's
The shootout
The aftermath(guess I got 2 of this shot)

Friday, May 7, 2010


This was in tombstone. Will have more pictures of Tombstone later. May have to click on the sign to be able to read it.


These pics are still in Peoria. The palm trees and swimming pool are in the common area of our friend's home. It was just a little chilly for swimming, but there were a few brave souls using the pool. There were a lot of these funny looking trees around the city. Maybe Shirley/Bob can tell us what they are. The bird and Rabbit were having worms and grass in front of the club house where we played on Wednesday.
They just seemed to be ignoring all the people.

On Thursday we went to what used to be called the Phoenix Open. It is now called the Waste Management Open and is played in Scottsdale. Any of you who watch golf know that one of the most notorious holes in golf is #16. It is surrounded by grandstands and even though the officials hold up the "quiet" signs, no one seems to pay any heed to them. It is the only hole on the tour you can get away with razzing the golfers that don't hit the par 3 green. What a fun place to watch golf.

Friday morning back on the road. Heading for San Antonio with a few stops in between.