Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just for laughter

OK, my six funny memes.

1. A similar experience of losing my van. The location was Kohl's in Omaha. When I went in I made note that the door I entered had a display of pillows just inside it, so I had to exit by the door with the pillows. After checking out at the checkout near the pillow display, I went out that door. My van was not where I thought I parked it. Standing there looking somewhat lost I said to a passer by "I Can't find my van." She said maybe you came in another door. Sure enough they had pillow displays by both doors.

2. Each morning at work the first person to arrive makes coffee. Usually me. I make one pot and leave the other pot with water for the next pot. One morning one of our very brilliant? sales people poured the water into the coffee maker and sat the pot on the burner on top instead of under the basket. It wasn't funny at the time, but it is now. I did make him help me clean up the mess.

3. A dog story. When we ran the hog confinement near Scribner we had a big white dog, Duke. We also had a pit that the waste from the buildings ran into. Also a sort of landfill for our trash. OK, the scene is set. One day we looked out the kitchen window and there was a skunk with his head caught in a jelly jar. Duke was nosing around him and the inevitable happened. He got sprayed. Duke was not a dumb dog. He ran to the pit and jumped in. He may not have been dumb, but he was a slow learner. He went back to investigating the skunk. Spray, swim and back to the skunk. Don't know how many times he did this. Eventually the skunk wandered of into a field across the road. It was hot and we saw his deceased carcass later. By the way Duke was not a house dog.

4. In a discussion about birds and bird nest, one of my legally blond co-workers asked "Where do baby birds get there milk?"

5. Did you hear about the lady that shaved her legs a wrecked them? Now say this real fast. This was a little one liner going around a long time ago. A not so bright person tried to tell it and said "Did you hear about the lady that shaved her legs and ruined them." Not the same.

6. OK, Janell, you asked for it. When Janell was little maybe 3 or 4. She passed a little gas. Her comment was "I peeped." Maybe that is why she likes the peeps so well.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


This is Jacob watching the super bowl at Abby's 16th birthday party. He wasn't feeling very good so couldn't go out and play on the iced over lake.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

New Car

This was supposed to be my Ruby Tuesday posting. I took my camera to work to show you my new car, but the battery was dead.

Do you like it? Seems kind of strange sitting on the floor of a Ford dealership.

Ok, so this is late APRIL FOOL.

The car is for sale, really, 49,500.00. Can't tell you the year just call me if you are interested. :).