Friday, April 25, 2008


The insurance companies determinted that the other driver was 100% at fault so will pay for all repairs and for a rental while the van is in the shop. Repairs will begin May 5. Since we have a grandaughter being confirmed on May 4th, the insurance adjuster gave us an extra day of rental.

Jerry went back to work this week and had no trouble with his legs, so guess he will be able to work awhile longer. He will be cutting back some though.

No golf this weekend. Forecast is for rain, wind and cold.

Two friends and I are going to see the "Swan Lake" ballet. Wayne State College has a ballet company from New York coming on Sunday.


Monday, April 21, 2008


Friday was not a very good day. It was cold and windy. I had a final doctor's appointment for the surgery on my thumb. Jerry dropped me off and ran a couple of errands and came back to pick me up. Well, as he was driving through the parking lot a car came forward out of a parking place and broadsided the van. No one was hurt, but the van sustained over $4400.00 in damage. Both doors on the drivers side will need to be replaced. It is still drivable, but will be laid up for repairs for about a week and a half. Wasted about 2 hours at the body shop getting an estimate and making phone calls to the insurance people.
When I got home I made a phone call and the phone was full of static so I had to call the phone company. They were there and fixed it in a short time.
We had planned to play golf and then go out to eat with friends for Jerry's birthday.
Golf was cancelled due to the cold. We did get to go out to eat and had a great visit with our friends that have just returned from their Arizona winter home.

Saturday, was one of the (maybe 2 per year) most perfect days to be outside. I washed all the bedding and hung it out, finished washing the 15 windows in the sunroom and then we played 18 holes of golf.

Sunday all the family was at our house for our April birthdays. Jacob and Kendra played football, last score I heard was 93 to 61 or something like that. We cooked out and had a good time. Cindy showed me how to get pictures to my blog so put one up of the grandkids. left to right, Jaydee, Abby, Jacob, Kendra. Now if I can just remember the steps to put up more. A picture is worth a thousand words so you will all be more informed than if I just rattle on.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Do you watch "The Biggest Loser"? It is the only "reality show" that I watch. Seeing the participants shrinking away each week is amazing. Not many of us have time to work out 6 hours a day, have a personal trainer, people to support us 24/7, and $250,000.00 to gain if we lose the most. I would like to see them all weigh in at the beginning of next season to see if they all kept it off.
After TBL, I watch Law and Order, SVU. Jerry doesn't like "cop shows" so he usually goes to bed. I like the L&O programs. There is always and unexpected twist in the mystery. You can just about count on the special guest star being the culprit. My favorite program is "Without a Trace". The CSI programs do not appeal to me because they get too graphic. Needless to say, my favorite reading is a good mystery.
The "Masters" was our entertainment for the weekend. Glad to have something to amuse us since the weather sucked.
One of the programs I like that is not a mystery is "What Not to Wear." Makes you wonder if some of those people have ever looked at themselves in a mirror.
Jerry likes "Deal or No Deal." I can live without that one. My favorite game show is Jeopardy, which I watch while I walk on the treadmill.
We have played a little golf this week dispite the wind. At least when the wind is gusting up to 40 MPH we have good excuse for high scores.

Monday, April 7, 2008


Even with Fridays off, my weekends still seem too short. Friday I had to drive Jerry to Lincoln for his appointment with the arthritis specialist. The diagnosis is gout and hopefully will be able to control it with medication. He has some arthritis in his joints, but not enough to warrant surgery. We had lunch with Cindy and Tammie and got home in time to play 9 holes of golf. Jerry just did some chipping as he is not ready to hit the long shots. We had our usual Friday out with friends.
Saturday. Jacob had his last wrestling match in Madison (only 12 miles away) so I went to watch him. He lost all his matches and was really disappointed. Then I joined Jerry and the Utechts for 9 holes of golf. The geese are already nesting so will probably have more little ones to watch again this year. They are fun to watch, but boy are they messy. Steaks on the grill (yum, yum & Donna cooked) for supper. Then we watched Kansas beat No Carolina in the final four NCAA BB tournament. Would like to see KU go all the way, since they are Big XII. I also hung some laundry out for the first time this year.
Sunday, Church, grocery shopping, more laundry, etc. I started washing the 15 windows in the sun porch (one of my least favorite jobs.) Six of them got done before the wind changed and made it too cold to work on the porch. The lawn guy called to have us flag the sprinkler heads so he could aerate the lawn on Monday. Checked all the sprinkler heads to make sure they were all working. Since all this extra left no time for cleaning, I am hoping Jerry felt like pushing the vaccuum cleaner today. Probably should try to mow tonight, don't want the neighbors to get ahead of me.
Spring is in the air and the robins are looking at the downspouts for nests.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Although I don't have a lot of contact with customers like Janell does, I do get a chuckle sometimes. The customer lounge and TV are just in front of my office with a 1/2 wall separation.
Yesterday the TV was on the channel that airs Tyra Banks. Her show was on strippers, or exotic dancers. The funny part was that during that hour most of the customers that were in the lounge at that time were older men. None of them seemed to be watching the show, but no one changed the channel. As old guys usually do, they were more into visiting. I wonder if some of them weren't sneaking a peek.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


April Fool, it isn't spring yet. It is still winter. Just enough snow on the ground to make it white. Sunday while I was doing dishes there were 4 fat robins in my yard. I wonder where they went?