Thursday, August 21, 2008

Summer's end

The first sign of summer's end is that our golf league is done. We had our end-of-year fun night last night. Each team plays a scramble format. After a great meal, we have our fall meeting with election of officers. (boring huh) Do you belong to an organization of women? Having an orderly meeting seems to be impossible. Only about half are paying attention. The others are busy chatting. If they would all just shut up and listen, the meeting could be over in half the time. My team came in seventh and got enough cash back to pay for our dues next year. I also got $5.00 for tying for "most birdies". There must have been a real shortage of birdies this year, because I only had 2.
Sunday is our City tournament. There are 3 golf clubs in our town with probably 60 women from each club that are eligible to play in this event. It is really sad that we have to struggle to keep it going with only about 20 women participating. Even the big cities have trouble getting players for this event. Some of the women from Omaha were discussing this at the last NWAGA tournament I participated in.
Now we have the beautiful fall weather to look forward to. Some of the best golf is in the fall.

The next obvious sign of summer's end is school starting. On my route from work, I drive by the back side of the high school. Dress codes have changed since I attended school, many, many years ago. The football boys have been practicing for a couple of weeks and I suppose the volleyball girls are hard at it in the gym.

Next is the football coverage in the newspapers. Nebraska has had articles almost every day about our "back to tradition" football. Now we are reading about the volleyball "rebuilding year." Other Big XII teams are being analyzed. We are hoping for good things to be happening in the future.

The summer flowers are fading and drying up. Monarch butterflies are migrating. Some our finding my butterfly bush in the back yard. Fresh garden produce is abundant.

Summer clearances have been going on since just after July 4th. If you know what size you will be next spring, it is a good time to buy shorts. The racks are full of winter things that just don't look inviting right now.