Monday, March 28, 2011

Olympic Training Center-Co Springs

After touring the facility, we decided to train for the next winter olympics :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thursday, March 3, 2011

vacation-final chapter

Sunday we met Hitchcocks & Humburgs for breakfast at "The Egg & I". Then the girls went to the Swap Meet while the guys hung out at Humburg's Mobile Home to watch golf.
It was cold and rainy.

Monday we again played at Arizona Resort with H's & H's. They had a special twilight rate that began at 3. We could play as long as we wanted and the price included a steak supper. We played 9 holes and decided it was getting to cold for more. While there we ran into some people from my past. Rich & Cynthia Svendsen, Sharon S. and her husband, Mike Bushlack, Alan Nies, Loralee (Moseman)and her husband, Jim Wickstrom. All are originally from Lyons and Oakland.

Tuesday Hitchcocks joined Rezniceks, Pietzmeiers and us at Vista GC in Peoria. A coyote wandered across the course while we were playing. Rezniceks had us over for drinks and snacks after golf. Some other couples, friends of Rezniceks, joined us. We went to Wild Horse for hamburgers. This is a "biker bar" a little north of town that claims they have the best hamburgers in the world. They were very good. We spotted another coyote running along the road on the way out there.

Wednesday was a do nothing day.

Thursday we drove to Casa Grande to see the Rheinhart's new vacation property. We had lunch with them at IHOP. They took us to Eloy to watch parachute training. Two planes go up and drop off several jumpers that land on a football-sized landing area. We were sitting on bleachers that were about the distance of the sidelines. There were a couple of amatuers that jumped in tandum with the pros. We watched simulated sky diving in the wind tunne. We watched some people that had paid $30.00 for two minutes in the simulator and professionals training jumpers. Art showed us around Casa Grande.

Friday we we played golf for the last time at Peoria Pines. We had heard Iron Works at Belair Golf Course had "the best fishfry in town." So we had fish for supper.

Saturday we did laundry and packed up what we could and got everything except what would go into the cooler out where we wouldn't forget it. Heier's had us over for supper again. We had a pork tenderloin Leroy fixed on the grill. They gave us leftover pork for sandwiches on our way home.

Sunday we loaded up the van and left Glendale around 8:30 am. Because of the forcast of snow and wind in Flagstaff, we had to take the long way through New Mexico. The wind was really bad. We heard they had a gust of 90 mph in Magdalina. It was probably up to 40 or 50 mph while we were driving. We gave up the battle at Socorro. We had planned to get to Albequrque. It was much easier getting in and out of Socorro than it would have been at 8 am in Alb.

We were on the road again around 8:00 on Monday and drove to Colby, KS. Weather was much nicer. We recieved word that Nettie's Mom had passed away over the weekend. Her funeral was to be Wednesday.

Tuesday was a short 6 hour drive to Norfolk. We saw a couple of deer and several flocks of turkeys. A couple were on the road, but Jerry managed to get stopped before he hit them. The weather was really nice until we stopped at Club 81 for lunch. The wind changed and the temp just kept dropping. We arrived home around 2:30. Picked up the mail, started the paper delivery, unloaded the van and got a few groceries.

We are glad we left a day early so we could be home for the funeral.

The trip was a lot of fun. We enjoyed getting away from the cold for a month and playing some golf in February. Also had some great fun with other Norfolk Snowbirds.
We do hope we can do it again next year.

Will try to put up a few pictures later.