Friday, September 19, 2008


September always brings back good and bad memories.

Today is the 3rd anniversary of our Mother's death. Time does move on at an alarming rate. The 25th is the 39th anniversay of our Dad's death. The 25th is also
Tammie & Randy's anniversary. The 25th was Jerry's Dad's birthday. I remember we always got him a funny card, but the year Dad died I couldn't bring myself to give it to him on that day. He did get it about a week later.

Monday was the funeral of our Daughter-in-law's grandfather.

I think I want to die in September. The weather is really beautiful this time of year. The trees are starting to turn and the crops are turning. Temperatures are usually very comfortable and the humidity seems to be lower. The air conditioner can be turned off and the furnace is also resting. Some of the nicest golf weather is this time of year. Before the leaves start falling and before the snow flys. Families are getting back into the routine (or chaos) of school and activities.
Choirs are back in church. Although I kind of like the special music of the summer.
My favorite sports, volleyball and football, are in full swing. I have to add softball to the list this year as Abby has opted to play softball this year.

I hope everyone enjoys the remaining nice weather before the snow and cold sets in.

Friday, September 5, 2008

The Western Swing

Friday morning 4:30 am. The alarm clock is ringing. It is my day off and we are off on a 3-day golf trip. Aren't you supposed to sleep in on vacation?

We planned on eating an early lunch in Paxton, but with the time change Big Ole's wasn't open yet. We had brunch or breakfast in a cafe that is connected to Ole's. The Big Game bar was open when we finished our meal so we walked through the Bar. Utechts had never been there.
The first course we played was Bayside near Ogallala. The address is actually Brule, but who know where Brule is. You can see Lake McConahey from the course. The wind was blowing 25-30 mph with gusts to 40. It was a very interesting course, but the wind made it really a lot tougher. We play vacation rules. Can't take more than 8 on a hole. If you can't get out of the sand in 2 shots, you can throw it out.
If a ball goes into the native grasses, you can drop near the entry spot without a penalty stroke. OK, we cheat.
The clubhouse was really nice. They had meals and were showing the NE game so we stayed there to watch. Although Nebraska managed to win, we can see where there is a lot of work to be done.
After the game it was time to head for our Super 8 motel via a Dairy Queen. We made the DQ with just 2 minutes to spare before closing. The motel was clean and quiet.

Didn't have to get up so early on Saturday. We only had to drive to Gothenburg to play Wild Horse. We found a Village Inn for breakfast. I think it was in No Platte This course was designed by the same person that designed Bayside so it was very similar. The wind was still blowing just like at Bayside. Wind blowing in the sand hills of Nebraska brings the extra pleasure of being beaten by blowing sand. (OUCH)
We got done in time to watch the last volleyball set at the clubhouse. Our next course was in Kearney so we drove there to stay at the Wingate. This motel was a lot nicer than the Super 8.
Our tee time for Monday was 10 am. The motel had a great breakfast buffet. They had the waffle makers which I love. We were not very far from the course so we had a little time to look around an antique store there. This course was not in the sand hills so we only had to deal with the still-blowing wind but not the blowing sand. Meadow Hills (I think that is the name) has very wide fairways and a lot of hills.It was easier to play than the other courses.
After playing we were all hungry and ready to head for home. We found a little Mom & Pop type cafe somewhere along hiway 30 where I had Beef and noodles. You don't find food like that in your big chains like Applebees and Whisky Creek.
While playing in Ogallala another golfer recognized Jerry as someone he had seen somewhere. They were from Pender and remembered seeing him when we played there. The other couple were originally from Pender but now live in Omaha. We kept running into them everywhere we went. They were eating in Whiskly Creek in Gothenburg when we got there. They were playing at Wild Horse and in the club house when we got done. They stayed in the same motel in Kearney and were having breakfast when we were and we waved at them accross the fairway on the golf course.
The trip home was uneventful and we got home around 6 so had time to unpack and get ready for the coming week.
I would like to play the two sandhill's courses again someday when the wind isn't blowing.
That was our mini-vacation for this year.